Views, Gardening and Politics

I am trying my hand at gardening this year and I have had a few setbacks but I continue to trudge ahead in the hope that things will improve…one of my main setbacks has been the annoying cutworm. My mom has had a few problems with these this year but hers are quite large and are destroying her plants quickly. Mine, on the other hand, are babies and they are killing me softly like a Roberta Flack song. 🙂 I have lost a few plants – 3 cucumber, 4 squash, and 4 watermelon.

If you are wondering how this relates to politics, quite frankly, the continuous back and forth between the current Democratic contenders is also killing me softly like the cutworms. While I can understand the underlying premise of we should count everyone’s vote, I can’t for the life of me understand how Sen. Clinton’s camp thinks it is “fair” to count votes in Michigan when she was the only name on the ballot. All the other major candidates had removed their names from the ballots in an effort to adhere to the rules issued by the Democratic National Committee. Yet, now she who didn’t remove her name is trying to not count all the other votes by voters who did not vote because of the removal of the names of ther choices. How is that fair?

I think Huckabee would be an interesting VP choice for McCain but his latest faux paux didn’t help his cause. Sen. Lieberman is always at McCain’s side and while I realize they are good friends, is there more there than we are aware?!?!?

Oh well, I think it has been a long and drawn out process and yet we do not have 2 candidates, is it me or is this just going on way too long???

While laying in bed the other day, I thought I would share with each of you my view from my bed, it is great to wake to the sun and go the bed to the stars.

view from the bed