Nature is so beautiful

I have spent the majority of the day outside tilling the land for our garden. Yes, my arms, legs and back are sore but I know that it was work that will have a nice payoff for our family. 🙂

From childhood, I have had a love/hate relationship with the outdoors. I love the beach but not necessarily the woods, at least not after the age of 12. I share all of this because I think I have been outside more in the past few weeks than I have been during the last 7 years of marriage. 😉

I finally was able to snap some pics the other day, so enjoy!

There are lots of flowers but right now, the azaleas are the only bloomers.

Deck azalea

Entrance azaleas

This is one of my favorite things in the house. There are lots of favorites, but this stone fireplace is just naturally beautiful.

Stone fireplace

I leave you with another item that is naturally beautiful.

Just beautiful


I'm back!

My hiatus is over!! Moving is definitely not for the faint of heart and being without phone/internet is also not for the faint of heart. 🙂

It is pouring down raining and I have no pics to share in this post but we are getting settled in. Our new move has cost me my craft room so I am still trying to carve out some space but the trade-offs were well worth it.

The sun is scheduled to return on Thursday, so I hope to have some pics then especially of my magnolia tree before she loses all of her purple glory. I have been outdoors more than I can recall over the last 7 years of marriage. I was up on Saturday and out pruning the hydrangeas in the front yard before 8 a.m. Hubby and I are still discussing where the garden will go and I am adjusting to living on well and septic.

Our new home is only about 10 minutes from our old home but truly night and day in terms of suburban versus rural and remote versus close proximity. Combine those things with the ever increasing price of gas and I think twice about the trips that I make to ensure that I cover all that needs to be covered while I am out.

The kids are more than happy as they run and play all day. The next few days will be interesting due to the weather and Mommy not fully knowing where all of the craft related items are located.

I hope to catch up with each of you soon as I have missed ya’ll; however, I will be more like the tortoise than the hare as I continue to settle in and get myself together.

Peace and Blessings!!!