Books and Bread

Germ swapping is no fun!!! Hubby’s sickness continued to grow worse to the point that he has pretty much been a third child in the house. I sent him to the guest room but it was 1 day too late as I was sick (again) the last few days. However, I wasn’t able to lay in the bed like hubby because you know there was cooking, cleaning, schooling, and a host of other things to do around the house. 😉 He is on some antibiotics that have kicked in and he was able to go to class tonight and prayerfully he will go to work tomorrow.

I did try my hand at bookmaking for a swap and needless to say, I liked it, I really really liked it. I made an accordion book and also a book with a Japanese binding.

This is the front and back cover of the accordion book.

Accordion book - cover and back

Here is the Japanese bound book.

Japanese bound book

I also had a real-life Raverly meet-up on Saturday. Pics can be found at Trish’s site. Here is my mom as taken by the Princess.

Mom as seen by Princess

Confession time – I couldn’t make bread. I know, I know, some of you are just shocked but yes it is true, yeast and I never really liked each other. The other day, I made some turkey meatballs and when I looked at the long list of ingredients in my breadcrumbs, I was quite sad. Add this to the rising cost of bread, I thought that I would once again try my hand at bread making. Randi had a recipe and it looked pretty easy so I gave it a shot. Here is my first loafbaby after her 2nd rising, prior to the oven. I must admit that I was nervous because I think I should have kneaded the dough more so I did a little extra kneading in between the 1st and 2nd rise, thankfully, the dough was forgiving.

before baking

These are post baking photos, I did use 1/2 white flour and 1/2 whole wheat flour.

bread after baking

bread - a close-up

bread - a side view

Three will be more bread making in my future!!!


6 thoughts on “Books and Bread”

  1. THe bread looks wonderful, as do the books! I hope you are feeling your wonderful self again soon.

  2. That’s a handsome loaf of bread. I love making bread. I’m glad yours turned out so well.

  3. Those books look so pretty! I love those! And the bread looks delicious! I hope you all get to feeling better soon!

  4. I feel your pain, Kiva. I have never before made any type of yeast bread—I’m scared of it! But I think you’ve inspired me. That bread looks absolutely scrumptious!

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