It was inevitable…

I’m sick. 😦 I thought my Mommy supergenes would keep me from contracting whatever hubby and the kids had but my cape has to be hung up for a moment as my throat is killing me and I have the most difficult time swallowing and the body aches are coming. Thankfully the kids can actually do most of their work on their own so they are moving full steam ahead. Lest you think they were angels, the are testing their dear sick mom. 😉

I am moving slowly today and my bloglines unreads are rising dramatically. I will catch up soon.

Hope your Wednesday is germ free! 🙂


11 thoughts on “It was inevitable…”

  1. Ugh, that is hard. My husband had the flu for a week and I can’t believe I never caught. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Ohhh, my husband and son have had that upper respiratory crud and it’s not fun stuff. So far, I avoided it, too. I just had the stomach stuff yesterday. Get better soon!

  3. Oh no!!!! So sorry to hear you are down and out with the cooties. I sure hope you have a speedy recovery. You know the first thing you are going to start doing when you are up and about – laundry! That backs up fast! Get well soon!!

  4. I pray you get to feeling better. the flu as been going around here also. 20% of the children have been out sick at my children’s school. My children missed 3 days last week. 25% were out at the school my sister-in-law teaches at about 30 min. away. At that percentage they had to report it as an epidemic. She only had 5 children in her class on Friday. The flu seems to be worse this year then other years. Take a spoon full of honey everyday. My husbands Grandmother says it does wonder to your health. She was showing us an article about new studies that are showing huge health benefits in honey if you take a teaspoon every day. I took one today and gave one to my son before he went to bed, he has had a bit of a cough. Again I pray you start feeling better soon. It is so hard being mom and being sick. 😦

  5. Get well soon! My husband used to get sick shortly after doing too much, not that God made him sick, but the Lord knew that being sick was the only way he would keep still long enough to rest. Even though you are sick, I hope you are able to enjoy rest in the midst of it all.

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