Candy, Papercutting & More Deer

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Interestingly enough, this used to be a big deal of a holiday to me but it has lost some of its luster. Hubby isn’t a huge fan and some of his bah humbug has rubbed off on me. Couple that with our Jaguar and Honda tastes and I would just rather not get all crazed about it. Now the kids on the other hand, are just tickled pink about the day so of course they rub off on mama.

Last night for AWANA, the Princess wanted to make Valentine’s for her classmates and of course the Prince joined right in. The Princess had picked one of those silicone mini-heart pans out at Michael’s but last minute mommy wasn’t about to whip out that many little cupcakes. No sirreee buddy, so I compromised and made heart shape candies since that is what the Prince wanted…I used the Wilton Candy melts and a leaf mold that I already had…why a leaf because when it’s the day of, you use what is on hand. 🙂 We did pink and chocolate and some free form lollipops but in the hurry that was my existence as I went from melt candy, pour mold, stick in freezer, take out mold, melt more candy, pour mold, stick in freezer, pack in bags, tie bags, tie note to bag, do Princess’ hair, separate bags, put shoes on, don’t forget AWANA books, make sure they remember their verses, get in car and stop at Chick-Fil-A for a nutritious dinner, I only had time for this shot

pink candy

At the end of January, after watching Martha do papercutting, I went to Michael’s and used my handy dandy coupon to purchase one of her craft knives.

Martha Stewart Crafts Craft Knife

The saleslady said she enjoyed hers so I purchased it. After seeing this adorable papercut over at Little Acorn, the Princess decided the squirrels would be great for Dad. It may have something to do with my kids obsession with squirrels and being that our house backs to the woods and squirrels are always in our yard, our trees, and all over, but hey, I do what any crafy mom does, I get some paper and get to cutting. I love Martha’s craft knife. It has a nice handle, is very comfortable, and cuts smoothly.

The Prince chose orange paper and naturally the Princess a reddish/pink:

papercut valentine

papercut valentine 2

I wrote on the whiteboard and the Prince in all of his just been 4 for a month now, wanted to write his out without any help

ds's writing

Of course, Hubby calls and will be late due to a meeting and he indicates that he is not feeling so good. He comes in saying he feels terrible so ya’ll know what that translates into – he’s officially helpless. 😉

Before signing off, I have to share more pics of my friends – the deer. I know some of you may be tired of my friends but hey, I live in the burbs and this is my little bit of country.

beautiful deer

more deer

Have a great night!!!