Virtual Thrift Shopping – Yippee!!!

I know this is a bit late, but I was busy with the Prince as yesterday was his birthday – he is 4, holy moly!! 🙂

Cindy has done a great job hosting this virtual shopping extravaganza – kudos to her!!! Lots of other women have joined in and I hope everyone had a great time, found great deals, and enjoyed some coffee/tea/latte while they were out.

So, here are some of the goodies as I was running out of time to take a pic of the sweaters that I scored in my desire to felt something.

Pillowcases – there were 2

pillow cases

Other linens (floral sheet, pink pillowcase, white pillowcase)


Shower curtain from JCPenny but I think a nice fleece backing will make this a beautiful blanket, don’t cha agree?

shower curtain

Here is some Waverly fabric, about 2+ yards, the Prince loves animals, so we shall see what this will become.


Some other odd and end fabric.

greens and pinks


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