Calling All Thrifty Shoppers!!!

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You know who you are…you get a chill when you come across that rare find, your house has many prized items found on your local jaunts, you are not ashamed to say – I found this at the thrift store. It is impossible for all of us to shop together besides we wouldn’t want to push and shove our friends for that last piece of Pyrex to add to our collection nor do we want to body check them for that vintage apron that is only $1.95 on the rack. 🙂 As such, how about a virtual thrift shopping extravaganza!!!!!

Cindy has created the cute button at top that you must add to your site and join us as we virtually get together and raid our thrift stores for those treasures. Share your items on your blog on Monday, January 14th. We can even stop at our virtual coffe shop and have some coffee to keep us going. Happy shopping and can’t wait to see your goodies next Monday.


3 thoughts on “Calling All Thrifty Shoppers!!!”

  1. And Lord knows I have a lot of body for that body checking! I can hardly wait to see the goodies!

  2. crumbcake! I have to take my mil to the dr. on Monday. Other wise I would gladly thrift with you gals.


    Oh, Missy, you can thrift all this week, Monday is just for posting your goodies. Trust me, we won’t ban you from shopping if you can’t post until Tuesday. 🙂 Please join us in the fun!!!

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