Stay Home Jessica!! (T.O. & Others Agree)

Many of you know that I dearly love my Dallas Cowboys and as a result, I would like to give some advice to Jessica Simpson, next time STAY HOME!!!! You see, our beloved quarterback, he obviously has a thing for blondes as many of you may recall, his last love interest was Carrie Underwood. Yes, she also served as a distraction to Tony that caused us any hopes of moving beyond the first round of the playoffs. As much as he is getting paid, Jerry Jones needs to implement a Tony rule, no more celebrity-girlfriend-of-the-moment should be allowed to attend the game unless they have been escalated to the level of fiance and have been at that level for at least 5 months.

We played like trash today and we better win the next 2 games because home field advantage through the playoffs is much better than having to head to Green Bay (no offense as I do like Green Bay and love Brett Favre) and play in the cold, remember I do not do cold. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, Jess, hon take your pink #9 Jersey and watch the upcoming games via TV in the comfort of your home. Thanks a bunch, hon!

ETA: Obviously, T.O. has similar feelings and thoughts about Jessica as seen on Fox Sports


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  1. Say that to Tony Parker. He’s married to Eva Longoria. And you know what? The San Antonio Spurs won the NBA title last year. And while you’re at it, tell the to Dario Franchitti. He’s marries to Ashley Judd. And if you didn’t watch the Indianapolis 500 this year, well, he won that race. So, don’t blame Jessica Simpson for Tony Romo having a bad game. Sometimes you have your good days. Sometimes you don’t. That’s part of human nature. So nobody’s at fault. Get it?

    Well, thanks for your rant. I would say those things to Tony and Dario but as you point out they are *married* in other words they are not some girlfriend-of-the-moment. Furthermore, Eva and Ashley are in an entirely different league than Jessica, IMO. They both work hard at what they do and seem to deeply respect the work of their spouses. Ashley goes to races but she is not their prancing, now is she…the times that I have seen her she has been pretty nondescript so as to not draw attention to herself and be a distraction. Eva was at the playoffs prior to marriage and she also wasn’t in a Spurs jersey with Tony’s number or anything like that, she knew he was there working and she conducting herself accordingly. You see, you mentioned women that understand what it takes to get to the level at which their husbands are and there are many others that I can think of that exemplify the characteristics of Eva and Ashley – Jeff Gordon’s wife Ingrid comes to mind. So, yes being that it is my blog and my opinion, I will continue to blame Jessica for Sunday’s loss because Tony is not at the level as some of these others, he is getting there but he is not there and thus he can’t handle distractions. So, as I said originally, Jessica, do us all a favor and stay home for the rest of the season. You can have the off season to make lovey dovey with Tono and hopefully his Super Bowl ring.

  2. You read my mind! I had just commented to my husband that he must have a new girl in the crowd (because of the time Carrie came & he stunk it up), when up popped a picture of Jessica dancing around in her pink jersey. It would be so exciting to make it to the Superbowl! (Like I have anything to do with it. LOL I live in Dallas, does that count for something?)

  3. I know Jessica as well as Tony will be bashed for this. There is no getting around how the public sees this. The lame part about it is that so many sports figures bring thier girlfriends and wives to the games, and they have good and crappy games as well. No one ever seems to say anything till there is something they feel they can bash or is news worthy. Tony had a bad game, thats it. Havent we all had a bad day at work?

    Cowboys Chris
    Tony Romo fan.

    Cowboy Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by and you are right there are many other that do bring their girlfriends and wives to their games and their play may not be up to par for that game. For me, I can’t help but recall last December when a certain female (Carrie Underwood) was at the game and our beloved Tony stunk up the place pretty badly. On Sunday, he wasn’t right from the first pass and I agree with T.O. that maybe the loss was good for us. Nonetheless, I would have preferred a win and I think that Jessica was an unnecessary distraction. Tony is by all accounts still new in this position and while he has a gifted football mind as well as a great arm, mobility, and reaction time, he still needs to f-o-c-u-s and unlike some others that have been honing their craft for some time and are able to handle distractions, Tony is not there yet, IMO. I watched LaDainian Tomlinson on 60 minutes, he doesn’t even talk to his wife on game day because he is focused. I have been a fan since I was 3 so trust me through it all over the last 33 years, I am not making the comment to be newsworthy. We should have won that game and we didn’t and I can only think of the what ifs and the biggest one was what if she wasn’t in the stands. Looking forward to finishing strong over the next 2 weeks and keeping home field advantage through the playoffs.

  4. Cheering for #6. That’s HILARIOUS, Angela.

    We came to the same conclusion, Kiva. Jessica, was, at best, a distraction. And we’re not even Cowboys fans! (Sorry! Hubby has love the Packers since the 70’s, and I, try as I might to stop the feeling, can’t help but root for the Cardinals.)

    And…. Much as I HATE the Spurs, I have to agree that Eva does nothing to attract attention, and appears to be really dialed in to the games themselves, not on whether or not the camera is on her.

  5. I dont know, i just find it hard to believe that a bad game like the other day is really caused by a “girl friend” or wife.

    What about TO missing some important catches, like 2 weeks ago he dropped a TD pass. No one asked if he had a girl in the stands or anything.

    I know as a guy i like to show off infront of my girl sometimes, and i have no idea what it must be like in the pros, but still find it hard to believe its becasue of Jessica, even though i hate her ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good points about TO because there have been passes that he should have caught but didn’t and you are right, we don’t question who is his personal guest for the game. I guess for me, as a girl, knowing that guys like to impress gals, why is it that the 2 games in which his lady friend is in attendance that he plays terrible?!?!?!? I am thankful that our defense was terrific and I just hope that it was a wake up call because I really think that when we are clicking on all cylinders, we can go all the way and win it all but when we are sputtering like last week, it can go from bad to ugly really quick. ๐Ÿ™‚

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