Photography Dreams

I remember taking an after school photography class in Elementary school that I loved. We even developed our own pictures and I remember asking my parents for my own dark room. My parents, being parents, knew that this too would probably pass as I have always been a person with interests all over the place like a scatteplot drawing. 🙂 Nonetheless, I went off to middle school and then Jr. High and starting sports (I was already a Pop Warner Cheerleader and played league soccer) and I never came back to my love of photography.

When in college in Baltimore, I would visit the Walters Art Museum and could stay there for hours. Likewise whenever I wanted to escape the hubbub of either Baltimore or DC, I would go to the National Gallery of Art and just let myself get caught up in the paintings and photographs.

My competing hobbies have not yet lent themselves to me purchasing a higher end camera so I still use my little Sony and I make nice to my photographer buddies hoping they will deposit a nice Nikon or Cannon in my Christmas stocking with some real zoom. 😉

Here are some other pics that me and my little Sony took while in NC.


It is hunting season in NC so seeing this in the sky is very common.




more trees

More hunting related photos

we huntin dogs

hold on tight

Views of across the street

across the street


These are my favorite because the trees told a story. The bottom is still green and the middle is varying shades from yellow to orange to orange red to red.

so many colors

so many colors 1