Holy Moly Monday

It is good to be back home! I do hope that each of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and that most of all you gave thanks!!!!

I am still not 100% healthwise but I am on the mend. Rest was not one of the luxuries at my in-laws due to the cramped quarters but we are all alive and able to be cramped, so I am thankful. I woke up was awakend on Friday morning after having slept in the family room on our air mattress with hubby and Princess and twin cousins on another air mattress. I told him that I was thankful but not happy. 😉 He laughed because he knows I will tell him how it really is….

Saturday was spent trying to get back into the groove, getting some groceries in the house, and preparing for Sunday’s church service. Sunday was church (about 16 folk) and light fellowship afterwards followed by a visit to a couple that had extended an invitation and there were several families there that we haven’t seen in some time so it was nice. It was better once we arrived home at about 7 p.m. and I continued work on the veil. Yes, the veil that I am making for the Bride-to-be and yes she is getting married this Saturday and I am the coordinator. Long story short, I shared how I made my veil (tulle trimmed in ribbon, glued to a headband) and the veil she wanted was $375 so she did that thing that people do to nice people and asked me oh so innocently if I would make her veil and before my brain engaged, my mouth had said yes. Her veil has some handwork in it, hence the $375 price tag but thankfully the Bride-to-be is really laid back so I will finish up tonight and she just keeps saying, do whatever you want, it will be fine….bless her young heart. 🙂

I have so much to say but not enough time to say it. I can’t have a post without a pic, so here are the little ditties I received prior to leaving in a 7 Small Surprises Swap from Swapbot.

7 Small Surprises Swap

I sent out 7 items and didn’t take a cute pic of them all wrapped up but I did manage to snap a pic of the placemats that I made – the front is the white/green and back is pink.


I have a few swaps to get out by Friday. I also had an awesome mail day when my mail came on Saturday so I have to take pics to share my goodies. 🙂

I must go and get the beads on the veil and then the edges done and then the layers together onto the comb and then oh who knows, you fill in the blank. 🙂

Adios for now!