Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

We are making preparations to go the in-laws for Thanksgiving and being that I will be in a rural part of NC, I will have no access. 😦 Sometimes it is good to de-tech yourself every now and then, at least that is what I keep telling myself.

There is much to be thankful for this Thanskgiving so make sure you give thanks. As for me, I am thankful for:

1) Jesus
2) My family
3) Our health even in the midst of my wicked cold
4) The soldiers and their families
5) All of you!

Please keep our military men and women in your prayers as so many are separated from their families at this time of the year. Go out of your way to do a random act of kindness as you don’t know how you might bless someone and inspire others.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!!

5 thoughts on “Have a Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. I hope your Thanksgiving was peaceful and happy. Being with family, and being w/o internet access IS a good thing.

    Are you over your cold yet?? I do hope so.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! (belated)

    We spent our holiday in rural Illinois without access. We didn’t even have phone service. It was surreal, but very refreshing. In the middle of the trip I needed to send an email to my dd’s basketball coach, so we drove into the podunk town (county seat, pop 500) and “borrowed” the fire stations wireless.

    I’m looking forward to another trip at Christmas time!

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