Fall, Falling, Fell

It’s amazing what a difference a day makes!! Yesterday, I shared with you a picture of my little ones under a tree in our backyard and it looked like this

raking the leaves

Last night some rain and wind gusts of up to 40 mph came through and this morning this was the same tree in my backyard

all fall down

view of the top

I tell ya!

3 thoughts on “Fall, Falling, Fell”

  1. This is wonderful to see even though it’s a lot of work to pick it up. I don’t get to see this in Florida unless is a Maple tree.

  2. That’s really amazing! I can’t believe that happened in one day. Looks like your kids are having fun with the rake and now there’s more to rake. :o) My boys love raking as well. I happily say “Go ahead, boys!”

  3. I lived in Alexandria for seven months as a flight attendant (this was quite awhile ago)- until I got laid off after 9/11. I love DC in the fall, and being in LA, I am really missing the fall. Your pictures make me miss DC so much! I am so jealous.

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