Tickling the funny bone

I am always late with stuff so I am sure that many have seen this video on the evolution of dance but I want to share it anyway since I found about at MLBAH.

Plus I need to be able to find it easily when I need a good laugh. Enjoy!

Creative juices, show endings, and politics

The creative juices have been flowing lately as I have a lot of to do items on my list. I finished up some swap goodies for a handmade swap on Swapbot. I made a necklace of memory wire and red aventurine beads, some blank notecards and a few gift tags. The swap was suppossed to be $10 but I don’t always follow the instructions. 😉

handmade swap goodies

Last night I was actually able to catch Criminal Minds. I have been missing the show that I watch as the little people are usually up waiting for hubby but he is out of town on business so I sent their little selves to bed. 🙂 I couldn’t believe that Garcia was shot at the end like that….I am still surprised and kinda of ticked as next week, I will be in the remote parts of NC at my inlaws and only 1 tv has the satellite so I may have to try and catch it on the small tv that is in their kitchen. For a quick second, I was upset that I may miss Project Runway but then I remembered that it will re-air a gazillion times so I am sure that I can catch it when I get back home.

Tonight, CSI with Sara leaving as she did and poor Grissom left with just a letter. Women’s Murder Club with Angie having woke up realizing that she and her ex-husband had been involved…I can’t deal with all of these cliff hanger endings, I may have to go back to not watching, just kidding.

Now, politics – I don’t always get into this topic here as I have pretty strong views and have a tendency to not want to engage those that are just being emotional. That being said, I did torture myself while making some Christmas cards with the kids to watch the first hour of the Democratic debate. Just for the record, I am a registered Independent and vote Republican (gasp). I don’t always agree with the politics of some of those that I have elected nonetheless, I realize that they are not in sole control and we have a system of checks and balances. Moving on, I am not particulary blown away by the current cast of characters in either party but I firmly believe in exercising my right to vote so I do follow and pay attention to what goes on in the realm of politics.

Being in the Washington DC area and seeing the news of how immigrants are able to procure fake driving licenses and other documents, I was quite peeved at the pansy dance given by Obama when truly a yes/no answer would have sufficed and he did chap my hide. Additionally, the beginning seemed like a platform for Hillary to give it back to those that had been dumping on her and that was quite annoying to watch and think that it didn’t help her image in any way. I think that just because she is a woman, pollsters think that women will automatically vote for her but truth be told, that line of thought is dangerous. I think it is sad when people choose people based solely upon race and gender. It reminds me of Harold Ford’s senate campaign and the newspaper articles about those in the rural parts of Tennessee that thought he was qualified but wouldn’t vote for him because of his race. I so live for the day when the obvious (one’s race/gender) is not so obvious.