Making it work

Tonight was the reveal of Project Runway Season 4 and as a junkie needing a fix, I watched every moment of it. 🙂 Oh goodness where do I start…the talent pool, based on the bios, is quite accomplished. As always there are definite characters and some of them are already revealing their true inner selves whether that is good, bad or ugly, we shall see as the season continues….

I must say that I definitely wasn’t blown away with the designs and I think a better challenge would have been for the tents to be empty and for them to truly have to design using the tent materials. 😉 Maybe it was seeing the discarded materials on the floor and remembering that all of those materials totalled $50,000 so it was just excess to an extreme. I know fashion is excess but I just think it was too much.

I did agree with the judges in terms of who’s in and who’s out. I thought Rami’s dress was lovely (even though the shoes were a definite no) and Simone’s construction issues were just a big no-no. She claimed time but she had the same amount of time as everyone else. I did think Monique’s dress was chic and just a note to Michael Kors, any woman wearing it wouldn’t have to worry about raising her arm to hail a cab the cabs would just stop. 😀

I wanted more from Pistol, Carmen, and Kevin so hopefully they will show and prove in the upcoming weeks.

I came, I saw, I watched and now I will have to wait until next week to see how everyone reacts to the fact that Jack is HIV positive. Promos for the next week make it look dicey but you know how promos are so go figure. Auf wiedersehen!