Thank You & Wednesday Wonders

I wanted to thank each of you for the kind words that you have sent my way. It always amazes me that people I have never met can respond with so much genuine kindness, it is greatly appreciated.

I finally finished my Owl Swap over at Swap-Bot. I informed my partner that it was going to be a few days late and she was very gracious. I mailed it today so it is on its way. I don’t think she will make her way over her so here it is:

owl swap

She is an artist so the owl fabric is an artist brush roll that she can carry her brushes in and there is the owl stamp as she loves stamping and since it was so cute, I purchased one for myself and that is what is on the card. Also, I used the owl tutorial from MoonStitches to make the owls and they spell owls in Spanish as she cherishes her Spanish heritage. Two are blue, two are green and one is an orangelike color, I sure hope she likes all of the swappy owlness.

The weather here is quite beautiful today and there is a change on the horizon so after lunch, I sent the kids out back. They have been wanting to jump in the leaves for some time now so they asked for rakes,

raking the leaves

then they laid down.

the kids in the leaves

While outside catching their shenanigans, I also took pictures of the sky to the East of my house:
clouds in the sky

and directly above my house:

clear sky

One corner of our yard the trees have shed most of their leaves

mostly gone

yet I still have a tree that is mainly green

mainly green

The tree the kids were raking under meets my mainly green tree and though they are both trees they have their own cycle in this season of change

the 2 meet

I have a few flowers that are still hanging on

hanging on

but I have a lot more leaves that have given up the fight.

leaves on stairs

Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!!!

6 thoughts on “Thank You & Wednesday Wonders”

  1. The owl goodies are great!!! And, hubby took photos of our lil guys recently in the spirit of the ones you shared. Too cute…gotta get mine posted. Have a good one, dear Lady.

  2. I love the owl stuff you made! It is really great and how great to add the extra touch of Owl in Spanish! Glad you are loving swap-bot more and more. Isn’t if great to get pressies in the mail instead of bills! :O)

  3. I want to make leaf angels in your piles. Aaahhh. Perhaps I should rake my own yard. Eh?

    Love the owl stuff. Too cute.

    I wore a certain soft lovely scarf tonight and thought of you. It kept my cozy and happy all evening.

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