It was beautiful!!!!

Thank you all for your prayers as Sunday was absolutely beautiful!!! We had about 40 people that came out to praise and worship with us. The kids sang a song even though the Prince acted a bit shy at first.. 🙂 Hubby preached and was truly touched by the show of support and with football starting at 1 p.m. many folks didn’t leave for quite some time (service started at 11 a.m. and it was 3 p.m. by the time the house had finally cleared out)…now that is fellowship. The food was plentiful (I took the easy way with purchased items from BJ’s) and everyone was fed spirtually and physically. I do hope God was pleased with everything that took place and we will continue to hold service each week and do Bible study on Tuesday evenings. Hubby is considered bivocational in that he works and pastors and he is taking a class so he will continue to be a busy beaver.

The Prince was hilarious because after service all he wanted to do was change into his *regular* clothes, he was home afterall.

We enjoyed the holiday today and didn’t do any school and the kids had Daddy time as I had a meeting so they were oh so happy. Tomorrow is one of our twice a year visits to the local Children’s hospital for liver clinic. The transplant doctors come down from Delaware to see all of the kids and it is great to see those that have been transplanted before the Princess as they serve as encouragement to us and us to others. The Princess likes the visits but not the blood draw so she has already expressed her desire not to go so I continue to reassure. My parents are coming up to go with us as the Princess enjoys having extra folk to love on her and the Prince watches movies with Pop-Pop in the atrium area while I am occupied with the Princess. I am thankful for the extra arms and legs and depending upon the day we may see what else we can do in DC such as that visit to the museum that we didn’t do a few weeks ago…who knows.

I hope you all had a great day!

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  1. I guess I should have just come here first before I e-mailed you back. 🙂 You’ve answered my question here! haha! That sounds awesome and I can’t tell you how excited I am for you. What a huge blessing! 🙂

  2. I second Raquel, GO GOD!!!! Seriously, very cool. Again, too bad y’all so far away cause that sounds like a fabulous time!

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