Buying handmade, buy these…

Okay, so we are all thinking more about purchasing wares that are handmade and if you are thinking those thoughts as well, I wanted to share with you a bloggy friend and her wonderful creations. No, she didn’t ask me to but I thought to myself…(in my best Emeril voice):

Self: If you don’t tell about her, how will they know.

Self responds: That’s a good point, hmmm I guess I will have to do something about that.

See conversations with yourself can be quite revealing. 🙂

Oh, I haven’t told you yet but you are still reading, good job!! She goes by the name Hotwater Cornbread and here are links to her blog, her Etsy site, and her Ebay site. I have my eyes on a few items but if I tell you, you may buy them. 😉

And if you aren’t southern and have absolutely no clue as to what is hot water cornbread, you can check out Wikipedia for various types of cornbread including hot water, and here is a recipe in case you get hungry and want to make some and here is another in case you are still hungry.

Alright what you waiting on, get to shopping, frying, eating and spending money! 😀

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