So much to say yet so little time

No matter how many times time falls back, I never seem to gain an additional hour. 🙂

Many months ago, I mentioned how hubby was in the midst of a church plant. I don’t talk about it often because honestly sometimes I feel like an ostrich who has her head in the ground. I love the Lord but have never pictured myself as a pastor’s wife and I guess feel that I can’t/won’t live up to the perceived stereotype (s) of a pastor’s wife. Regardless of my list of things that I wanted to be when I grew up (the top 2 being a lawyer and a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader), I have to submit my will to God’s will and be the helpmeet that He has made me to be and He doesn’t call us to do anything that He doesn’t first prepare us for, so with that run-on sentence, our first service is this Sunday. We are starting in our home which is not unusual according to researcher George Barna. My hubby has decided to have brunch afterwards so I will be the caterer and have quite a few things to do getting our home together as well as all of the food and the program and the music and the oh you get the picture. 🙂

In the midst of all this getting things together, a friend from our old church has asked us to watch her daughter for 2 nights as her and her hubby needed some serious couple time. Her daughter is 11 so she becomes the babysitter for the Princess and the Prince so I can use both of my hands to do things…hallelujah!!!

Prayers are truly appreciated and welcomed.

I am involved in an owl swap on swap-bot and couldn’t find any owl stuff in the stores (thrift and otherwise) and I was starting to feel angst. I went to the thrift store today and came across some goodies (totally not owl related but I liked them).

Santa apron

Holly apron

embroidery #1

A visit to AC Moore did yield an owl stamp that will complete 2 of the 3 owl related items I am to send and I plan to make something out of the owl fabric that was sent to me by Redheaded Daughter. I also picked up some animal eyes so I may try to make an owl, ambitious aren’t I at the 11th hour.

owl swap preparations

Speaking of Swap-bot, here is the needlebook I received from my partner.

needlebook received

inside of needlebook

The kids got in on the owl thing as well

the kids owls

I also sent out a knitting swap to a newbie knitter. I sent a sock pattern as she wanted to learn how to make those and I also sent her some needles, Homespun yarn, beaded stitch markers and a coffee cozy as she indicated that coffee was her beverage of choice (a girl after my own heart).

knitting swap sent

stitch markers close-up

My time here may be sparse over the next few days but there will be lots of pics as I have quite a few swaps to complete as well as a bunch of other stuff to share…..enjoy the weekend!!!