Muser, Musings, Mused

Obviously, I have run out of crafty and catchy titles so I thought I would give you different forms of the word musings. Hey, it’s my blog, I can do as I please. 😉

As mentioned on Friday, we did head to DC to have lunch with the hubster. Mind you the original plan was for the hubster to take the kids (at least the Princess) to work with him and then I meet him/them for lunch. Of course that changed for various reasons to I will take the kids on the Metro by myself to DC because it’s Friday and I do not feel like driving into the city and we will meet for lunch.

Thankfully they have ridden the Metro before and we were going at non-peak hours even though once into the city the ridership picked up…being a former city livin and lovin gal, I weaved through like a pro and am teaching the kids the same survival tactics. Now, where to put Metro survival skills into the homeschool portfolio review…..hmmm!

Hubby wasn’t back yet from a previous engagement so I thought that I would take a pic of the kids as we sat on a bench trying to soak up some sun as it was a bit nippy that day. Here are the kids:
Why is he making that face?

why, why, why

I am just going to smile anyway because I am a Princess!

boys will be boys

At lunch, the Prince continued with the face making so here is the Princess as we await the chow.

Alex at the restaurant

Lunch was good and then it was to hubby’s office so the few government workers that were still present on a Friday afternoon could see us (mainly the kids) in live and living color. Most people have worked with my hubby for quite some time and remember well the dalliances of his youth so they seem to think that we are a mythical and magical family that he makes up. After all of that excitement it was time for all of us to catch the Metro towards home so no Smithsonian which really bummed the kids but the joy of homeschooling is I can plan that fieldtrip again. 🙂

In preparation for a birthday party for one of our family members, she is the 4th girl born in the same year as the Princess who is the grandchild and this cousin and others are all great grandchildren. I stuck to my handmade pledge and made a crayon roll. I did it different than the first by having it fold down to prevent crayon roll-out which can be a nightmarish experience for a 5 year old.

the inside

folded over

all rolled up

Oh yeah, the fabric holding the crayons is repurposed as it was a curtain top that I found at the thrift store, oh yeah baby! I also whipped out a purse and didn’t have enough fabric for 2 long straps so I remembered the strap thingy in Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol and for a moment wished that I still had the book instead of having returned it to the library (moment over as the project must go on) so I went with my own version and voila!


The purse is lined with the same pink polka dot that is on the inside of the crayon roll-up. The cousin was delighted over her gift items and of course a few kudos from the attendees as the adults were trying to rock the butterfly bag.

This post wouldn’t be complete if I did not share how unhappy I was with NASCAR and the current situation of if we weren’t both married and madly in love he would be my boyfriend Jeff Gordon’s situation. Jimmie Johnson is really being a pain in my patootie right about now as well as his crew chief. I find some solace in that Jeff co-owns Jimmie’s car so at the end of the day he could use that to slap that boy around a bit, don’t cha think but he is too nice for that so he takes the high road. Of course, elation soon followed on Sunday evening when by boys put a whipping on the Eagles. However, there are only a few races left for Jeff and this week is his 1 year wedding anniversary so maybe Ingrid will help our man get focused.

Okay guys and gals, I have some swaps to complete and tomorrow is Election Day and you know in suburbia we have some County Council folks to elect, a Mayor, and tomorrow is my grocery shopping day. Hmmm, elections covers social science and grocery shopping is math and if I have the Princess write out my grocery list there is handwriting, I am on a roll. 🙂