I heart Barbara Streisand & more

Okay, the cat is out of the bag, I heart Barbara Streisand. I am bone tired this morning from staying up to watch Funny Girl on Turner Classic Movies. I might as well divulge that I first watched the original French version with English subtitles of Beauty and the Beast. They both were great!!!

If for some reason you have never seen the beautiful Ms. Barbara, youtube is here to give you a small dose of what you are missing.

I could go on and on about how slender her fingers are and how gorgeous they look when caressing Omar’s face but I won’t because you should really see it for yourself. The costumes, the cinematography, it is all just gorgeous. Oooohhhh, Barbara.

I didn’t spend the whole day, just night, watching old movies. During the day after homeschooling, I was able to do some crafting. I had to send off a needlebook (a book that holds needles) to my swap partner on Swap-Bot. Our turnaround time was really short but hey, such is life. Here is the outside of the book and my inspiration from one of my Japanese craft books:

Needlebook and inspiration

Here is the inside which has felt for needles, safety pins, and a pocket:

inside of needlebook

I really need to do my pics more justice by at least not showing everything on my green cutting mat and adjusting the colors but it was late and I was watching Barbara.

Inside the pocket, I included another needlebook (several felt pieces edged with pinking shears) and I put the recipient’s initials on the front in case you know she ever lost her needle book. Donna Karan might be my recipient, ha ha just kidding. 🙂

additional needlebook

In all of the life that is my life, I neglected to share my other 3 Japanese craft books that came in the mail the other day. I ordered these from Yesasia.com. The first is a variety book in that it has many different items including clothes.

JCB variety


cute #2

The second is purses as if that was a surprise

JCB purses


yummy #2

and the 3rd was just embroidery related, it has been all over the internet so I purchased it but it hasn’t yet blown my skirt up, KWIM.

JCB embroidery related

There you have it my life in words and pictures. Hope you have a great Friday. We are going to the big city of Washington, DC (hee hee) to meet hubby for lunch and then the kids and I will probably venture over to the Smithsonian (Natural History) for a few hours. Yippee!!!!