Thursday Thoughts & Mail

Time is winding down to the big wedding on Saturday. I have only coordinated my own wedding and hubby and I met and were married within 6 months so let’s just say there was not a lot of time to hem/haw over various decisions. A dear friend has asked me to coordinate hers and it is so sweet to see their young love (24/26). I did finish the veil and she liked it but the pics did not come out great so in the midst of everything else that I will be doing, I will try to snap a pic on Saturday.

I have received some great things in the mail lately, so I must share.

Anita of Bloomin Workshop held a contest for her tree skirt pattern. Being a generous heart she sent it to all commenters and not just the winner. My goal is to have it completed by next year and knowing me it will be next year this time and I will be frantic as I haven’t started yet. 😉

Quilt pattern

Speaking of Christmas, our home usually becomes a winter wonderland of purple and silver as those are our my Christmas colors. Of course, they have evolved as ours but this year I wanted to add in some blue and turquoise. I went to Joann’s on Saturday and they had these ornaments that had all of the colors I had thought about in one container, 78 pieces for $15.

new ornaments

I would love to have the home decorations completed by the first Sunday of Advent but I am not sure that is going to happen. But I did take time today to decorate the doors of the Princess and the Prince. They particpated in a kids card swap on Swap-bot so I used the cards and the cute envelope all the way from New Zealand to complete the doors.

Prince's Door

Princess' Door

I also did garland stars in their windows.

Window star

They were both very excited and it is the little things that make our home and holidays special.

Speaking of Swap-bot, I did an owl swap and received my goodies from my partner. I am so in love with the scarf that I have worn it almost every day since it arrived. The rest of the items are a black canvas bag with a felt owl, an owl bandana, and a glass/metal owl.

Owl swap goodies

I did a Sewing Notions Swap hosted by Red Hen Studios. My partner was Missy at Spring Bean Things. It was great to meet another blogger with similar interests even though we are many states apart. She makes beautiful items including girls clothing, so make sure to check out her items.

She sent some great items including that oh so adorable fabric notebook with the reindeers. The picture doesn’t do enough justice, there is a gnome tissue holder, great fabrics, buttons, trim, vintage cards and other goodies. Of course being a spaz I forgot to photograph what I sent her so I am hoping that she blogs about it as there was probably enough trim to trim a tree. 😀

Sewing Notions swap

My blogging buddy Euphoria did a pay it forward and it is sad that she sent mine before I could think of sending hers, but it is all good. 🙂 What is truly important is the sharing and connecting and this is what she shared with me….isn’t it cute!!!

the container

the contents

Okay that is it for me, I hope your Thursday is a good one!

Photography Dreams

I remember taking an after school photography class in Elementary school that I loved. We even developed our own pictures and I remember asking my parents for my own dark room. My parents, being parents, knew that this too would probably pass as I have always been a person with interests all over the place like a scatteplot drawing. 🙂 Nonetheless, I went off to middle school and then Jr. High and starting sports (I was already a Pop Warner Cheerleader and played league soccer) and I never came back to my love of photography.

When in college in Baltimore, I would visit the Walters Art Museum and could stay there for hours. Likewise whenever I wanted to escape the hubbub of either Baltimore or DC, I would go to the National Gallery of Art and just let myself get caught up in the paintings and photographs.

My competing hobbies have not yet lent themselves to me purchasing a higher end camera so I still use my little Sony and I make nice to my photographer buddies hoping they will deposit a nice Nikon or Cannon in my Christmas stocking with some real zoom. 😉

Here are some other pics that me and my little Sony took while in NC.


It is hunting season in NC so seeing this in the sky is very common.




more trees

More hunting related photos

we huntin dogs

hold on tight

Views of across the street

across the street


These are my favorite because the trees told a story. The bottom is still green and the middle is varying shades from yellow to orange to orange red to red.

so many colors

so many colors 1

Holy Moly Monday

It is good to be back home! I do hope that each of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and that most of all you gave thanks!!!!

I am still not 100% healthwise but I am on the mend. Rest was not one of the luxuries at my in-laws due to the cramped quarters but we are all alive and able to be cramped, so I am thankful. I woke up was awakend on Friday morning after having slept in the family room on our air mattress with hubby and Princess and twin cousins on another air mattress. I told him that I was thankful but not happy. 😉 He laughed because he knows I will tell him how it really is….

Saturday was spent trying to get back into the groove, getting some groceries in the house, and preparing for Sunday’s church service. Sunday was church (about 16 folk) and light fellowship afterwards followed by a visit to a couple that had extended an invitation and there were several families there that we haven’t seen in some time so it was nice. It was better once we arrived home at about 7 p.m. and I continued work on the veil. Yes, the veil that I am making for the Bride-to-be and yes she is getting married this Saturday and I am the coordinator. Long story short, I shared how I made my veil (tulle trimmed in ribbon, glued to a headband) and the veil she wanted was $375 so she did that thing that people do to nice people and asked me oh so innocently if I would make her veil and before my brain engaged, my mouth had said yes. Her veil has some handwork in it, hence the $375 price tag but thankfully the Bride-to-be is really laid back so I will finish up tonight and she just keeps saying, do whatever you want, it will be fine….bless her young heart. 🙂

I have so much to say but not enough time to say it. I can’t have a post without a pic, so here are the little ditties I received prior to leaving in a 7 Small Surprises Swap from Swapbot.

7 Small Surprises Swap

I sent out 7 items and didn’t take a cute pic of them all wrapped up but I did manage to snap a pic of the placemats that I made – the front is the white/green and back is pink.


I have a few swaps to get out by Friday. I also had an awesome mail day when my mail came on Saturday so I have to take pics to share my goodies. 🙂

I must go and get the beads on the veil and then the edges done and then the layers together onto the comb and then oh who knows, you fill in the blank. 🙂

Adios for now!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

We are making preparations to go the in-laws for Thanksgiving and being that I will be in a rural part of NC, I will have no access. 😦 Sometimes it is good to de-tech yourself every now and then, at least that is what I keep telling myself.

There is much to be thankful for this Thanskgiving so make sure you give thanks. As for me, I am thankful for:

1) Jesus
2) My family
3) Our health even in the midst of my wicked cold
4) The soldiers and their families
5) All of you!

Please keep our military men and women in your prayers as so many are separated from their families at this time of the year. Go out of your way to do a random act of kindness as you don’t know how you might bless someone and inspire others.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!!

An Open Letter to My Single Sisters

Dear Single Sisters:

When you feel like you want to be in a relationship, do your homework. If for some unknown reason you have a desire to compete against 20+ women for the affections of one man and you throw your hat into the ring of The Bachelor, do not expect to get married!!!!!!!!

See if you did your homework you would know that not one of the male bachelors has married, heck even continued dating, the gal they fell so madly in love with that they proposed in front of all of the world. The only marriage was Trista’s and that was the bachelorette. The other bachelorette didn’t get married either in case any men are reading and want to point that fact out.

Homework is very important in all areas of life. Before buying a car, do your homework on the cars performance tests, airbags, safety features and the like. Before purchasing a home, do your homework on how long the property has been on the market, what similar homes have sold for in the area, etc. Before going on an interview, what is the company about, who is in charge, how long have they been in business, what will your job entail….get the picture, do your homework!!!

Brad chose neither girl tonight even though he piled on some great one liners. A small part of me wants to give him credit for not picking one just to pick her and then not following through but he knew he felt that way before letting them meet his family, if he wanted to be so upstanding and outstanding he should of just let the ball drop then but no…..he did a Texas two-step and slithered on like a rattlesnake.

I won’t watch tomorrow as he cannot offer any more excuses and I can’t stand to see my sisters berate themselves further wondering why they didn’t win his love and affection. He is not worth it and even though he is a millionaire this was the best way to get to know 25 women and sow his wild oats.

My sisters, stand strong in your singleness. You are beautiful, you are valuable, you are worth more than rubies to that special someone and he will not make you sell your soul to beat out your other sisters for his love and affection.


Your Married Sis