Whoo hoo, a long weekend!!

I am out of here for the long weekend (I am actually gone, gotta love future posting). We are headed to NC to stay with one of my BIL’s so he and hubby can play golf on Saturday like they used to prior to marriage. 😉 My mom is coming so we will find something to do as my SIL has one of those not child/little people friendly homes where it looks straight out of Architectural Digest so you can’t really get comfy, KWIM?

Please pray for my Dad as he has a foot issue that is preventing him from going with us. He goes to the doctor on Monday with x-rays in hand but the doc thinks it may be a bone/heel spur so he really needs to not do too much walking and really could go but became sour when the doctor told him he couldn’t play golf…..men.

We will be back on Sunday so it is not too long but I won’t have internet access but I will have knitting and crochet and some reading. I am hoping to find some thrift stores and also the closest Joann’s to purchase a few pieces for a different texture baby blanket for my new niece. That’s right, all clearance fabrics are 50% until Monday and so is interfacing, just FYI!

Enjoy the weekend and may it be full with love, family, friends and crafts! 😀

Happy Birthday Little Brother!


Wow, today would have been your 34th birthday. It seems like just yesterday we were playing in the basement, learning how to drive and you were giving me, the older sister, money while we were at college. I miss you and I wish I was not so wrapped in me at the time to really hear your heart and understand the things that were going on inside your head. I am sorry for the loser guys that I exposed you too because you thought they were cool being that I was interested in them. Most of all, I wish I would have known the depth of your pain so I could have told you that tomorrow is another day and the mistakes of yesterday can be fixed and the hurts can be healed.

It is hard to imagine that it is almost 12 years since you took your life. While I will never know nor understand your reasons, you impacted a lot of people. Your organs went to some wonderful people and Mom and Dad are glad they listened to me. Your niece needed an organ, so who knew that giving yours would lead to me one day needing one for my princess. She is beautiful and she and your nephew know all about you and have seen your pictures. Oh, how I would love to have you here to be there uncle. They have older uncles from my hubby’s side (you would like him too) but you would be their coolest and favorite, I am sure. Your nephew is like you in many ways and sometimes Mom calls him by your name. I do hope that you are hanging out in heaven and taking good care of my son Malachi. I only got to know him for an hour but the 29 weeks of carrying him made the hour worth it.

There is so much to tell you but the most important thing is that I love and miss you dearly and always. Happy Birthday Little Brother!!


Why copyright law can make your head spin!

After a great read over at Craft Apple regarding copyright law and a conversation with my girlfriend’s hubby (he is a laywer at Patent & Trademark), my head was spinning. Not spinning in a bad way but spinning because there is definitely some gray area yet there are truly some clearly delineated areas as well.

With so many people crafting and a plethora of blogs, books, Flickr and more, what is original anymore is the question that I found myself asking. There are only so many ways to make a blouse, a pair of pants, a belt, a doll, a purse, and so forth. Brian, my bud’s hubby, mentioned many of the legal terms in layman’s terms such as pen to paper. Just because someone doesn’t expressly show you a copyright, as soon as that person put pen to paper and the idea became an item, it was copyrighted. Of course, unless they go the next step and actually paying the $45 fee with the Copyright office then it will be harder for them to prove infringement.

There are other legal thresholds like “Strikingly similar” “substantially similar” and “access” – all things that would have to be proven in a copyright infringement case.

An interesting case to read in your spare time 😉 is Wal-Mart v. Samarra. This case went all the way to the Supreme Court and it dealt with Wal-Mart reproducing Samara’s designs under their own name after having seen some drawings but having never entering into a contract with Samarra. Of course, many crafters are not on the same playing field as Wal-Mart but the principal is quite similar. This is why many music companies will send back your demo unopened because 5 years from now they don’t want you saying they sampled your song..if they send it back unopened then they never listened to it so you can’t prove access.

There was a lot more but I need to mull over it some more. I am trying to get Brian to do a guest bloggie on the topic but being that he doesn’t spend time in Joanne’s or on craft blogs, he felt he may be out of his area of expertise.

Like Craft Apple, I did some searches and many forums have tried to address the issue as it can get murky in craftdom. I think a big misnomer is when people use patterns from the store (i.e., McCall’s, Butterick, Vogue, etc.) and sell those items. Unless you have a cottage license/small business license from the company, that is copyright infrigement…look at the back of your pattern – it is for personal use. Granted you may not be Wal-Mart turning out 1,000 items but you are still using the pattern for commercial gain.

Like I said, there is more but it all leads me to wonder for those that are interested in a crafting business, should you limit the blogs that you read so that you are not influenced in anyway? I am not interested in starting a crafting business, I can barely eek out what I do now but does viewing others serve as a hindrance or inspiration?

Enough head spinning….on to other stuff….

In an attempt to try my hand at making my own pattern, I pulled out items I haven’t used in a few years like a protractor for a doll that I would like to make for my niece. It is my BIL/SIL’s first baby and he is my hubby’s younger brother (there were 8 of them and he is the baby). Of course, this niece will dethrone my daughter as the youngest girl grandchild but hey I still have the youngest boy grandchild. 😉 Considering that the next oldest grandchildren are in the final year of high school, I say I am doing pretty good. Oh did I tell you that my niece’s cousin is due 2 days later. Yes, due to so many siblings and age ranges, the oldest grandchildren are older than me and all except my 2 and 3 others (the 2 in high school and 1 in college) are married with their own babies. Gotta love a big family!

the beginning

Also, I have been thrifting but too lazy to take/share pics. I did find this little number the other day for like $3 and I think it makes a great thread storage, don’t you?

thrift storage

Pin Cushion Tutorial (many great other uses as well)

This is my first ever tutorial so be kind and talk real slow… 🙂 Mother Crone asked about the pin cushions the other day for her daughter, so I thought that I would share with all of you how I made them.

My inspiration came from one of my Japanese craft books:

Inspiration #1

Inspiration #2

Being that I don’t speak or read Japanese, the books are great for me because I am the type to look at pictures and then go figure it out my own way. 😉 I thought that I would combine the two because I liked the trim idea so then I guesstimated what size I wanted them to be…totally up to you. I measured like 3.5″ by 6 ” and included a little extra for the seam allowance. This is for the end product, when you cut your pieces, your back will be 1 piece but your front is two pieces so there is a tad bit of math involved. Here is the back and 2 front pieces.

front and back

If you want ribbon/trim, you must now choose something that strikes your fancy.

ribbon choosing

Cut it about an inch longer than you need and place it right side up between your 2 front pieces which are right sides together (you still with me)

assembly #1

Sew through all 3 with a small 1/4″ seam. Unfold and press out seam.

then press

Now with right sides together, pin your front to your back

assembly #2

Sew both sides


Now that you have both sides together, you can trim your excess ribbon/trim


Now at this point, if you are going to add a little doo dad in which to hang the pin cushion or maybe you have decided that you want a scented sachet (same pattern basics), you would find ribbon of choice and cut it and place it between your bottom front/back, pin in place before sewing the bottom together.

If you don’t want the doo dad, just sew your front and back together at the bottom. Clip your corners (don’t cut your stitches).

Turn right side out and poke your corners out…I like to use a kabob skewer as they are not just for cooking. Make sure there is no BBQ sauce on it though…

poke out corners

Before going forward, go back to the ironing board and iron down a small hem, trust me it is easier to do it now then after you have stuffed this puppy.


Now, you will need some fill, Poly and Esther work fine but you could use cotton, organic cotton, beans (yes like for mini bean bags), potpurri, or marbles…whatever floats your boat.


Pack it in there until you feel it is too full. Now choose either some embroidery thread or thread to close up your open end.


I did a blanket stitch to close up the ends and there is a great tutorial at Primrose Design. If you have a different learning style, you can check out this YouTube video.

Voila, you have a finished pin cushion, sachet, bean bag, marble/rock weapon, or whatever your heart’s fancy.


Christianity and The Bachelor

Ok, first the confession – yes, I did find myself watching bits and pieces of this mess again this week. 😦

The previews kept talking about how one well endowed beauty shares that she is a Christian with the Bachelor. I had to see that and see his reaction and in case you missed it, here is the new Christian poster child – Solisa.


She is a pretty girl from Texas and she is an Esthetician so she can probably do a mean facial. During the 2nd group date, when all of the gals are asked by the bachelor about the craziest thing they have ever done, she takes this as a cue in which to get up and run to the beach (they were in Malibu) and take her top off. The real kicker is that the bachelor didn’t even move an inch to go see her toplessness.

How is it that in today’s society, Christianity has been associated with such foolishness? I know that we are all sinners and even though we are sinners, Christ still died for us but did He really die for such idiocy to continue on forever? When do we start trying to live a life full of less sin?

Young gals are watching this and seeing such behavior and it gets an unnecessary seal of approval and conclude that it must be a good way to conduct oneself because she did wound up getting the last rose.

Why did she feel the need to share that she was a Christian and live a life full of values if she were then going to allow him to do shooters off of her chest, shake what God and her momma gave her and carry herself like Jezebel?

Excuse me, am I in your spam?


Image courtesy of Hormel.

Would you like some green eggs and ham? Hee hee…kids can make your brain loopy. 🙂

I love comments on my musings and I have been responding to the comments via email and it has come to my attention by the lovely Hidden Art that my replies are going into the spam folder (gasp)!

As a result, it would do my heart proud if you would check your spam folder for those messages of oh so great importance from me. 😉

I really do not like spam (canned or junk) and I don’t eat ham.