Woohoo Wednesday!!!

Wow, it is really Wednesday!!! I finished the project that I spoke of the other day and I am so thankful that I could keep yelling out a few more woo hoo’s because let me tell you that thing zapped every bit of creative juice that I may have ever had going through my veins. It was laborious to say the least but thankfully yesterday my mom came up and that helped me finish it because she hemmed it with some good old hem tape and an iron….hallelujah!!!!!

In the process of this project it became evident to me that Ken aka my Kenmore that I learned to sew on was having some tension problems. I thought it was because I was quite tense but it was him. I took him back to the repair shop yesterday because he was serviced in August and I am awaiting a call from them regarding his issues. I had to pull out the trusty back-up Euro Pro that say what you will whipped that project out in no time. So, it is me and the back-up for a few days and prayerfully Ken will come home really serviced and ready to resume our mid-afternoon and late night affair. 😉

I was tempted to pull out the purple passion that is the Princess’ machine that ws procured for a whole $2 at the auction by my parents. As mentioned, my dad removed the Bratz label and here she is in her glory. She has 3 different stitch settings and when you flip to reverse she automatically reverse stitches.

view #1

She even came with her own little accessory kit that includes additional thread and already wound bobbins, scissors (they can’t cut anything but they are cute), scrap material, tape measure, and some other goodies.


The Princess is pretty excited about this new little purchase and wants to get sewing. Mind you the instruction manual said it is for kids 8 and older and being that she is 5, I let her do some stitching on a few scraps but will work on some actual teaching as in how to sew a straight line first. 🙂

Tonight is Trunk or Treat at AWANA and I have to make cookies for the Prince’s class as the Cubbies will not go outside for the trunk or treat. No costumes just fun and lots of sugar.

I have quite a few swaps to get cracking on via Swap-Bot so my work is cut out for me so there should be lots of pics over the coming days/weeks.

Hope you are having a great Woohoo Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Woohoo Wednesday!!!”

  1. As always, you are resourceful. A back up sewing machine – hard core.
    After the last time I had my sewing maching serviced, I had trouble with the bobbin working properly. I took it back. They did call pretty quick with the solution. I (my head is lowered) put the bobbin in wrong. 🙂
    I love the little sewing maching. My daughter received one as a gift when she was younger, but we could never get it to work right. I ended up teaching her to use mine.

  2. The laborious project that my wonderful friend spoke of was the most beautiful pall ever made! I was so touched and blessed and everyone that attended my mother’s homegoing service commented on this beautiful work. When I told them who made it, they were amazed! I wasn’t, I knew that my talented and faithful friend has “SKILLS”! The most wonderful thing is the heart behind the task, I will never forget what a wonderful friend God has blessed me with!!

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