What cha got cookin?

Had to go to a bridal shower today so I am trying really hard not to make purchases, especially gifts at the last minute, so I made an apron from a thrifted pillowcase, curtains and ric rac. The only thing not thrifted was the thread but that’s been in the stash. 🙂

My photographer is 5 but she is getting pretty good so here is the front while the wind was blowing this morning


And here is the back

apron back

There are some definite mods that I will make the next time like instead of just taking the scissors and freehanding an assymetrical line, I may actually draw a line first. 🙂 Also, I would like to work on the side hems and I am still getting my feel for embellishing. There is a fine line between just enough and too much.

Also, I was watching Season 2 reruns of Project Runway, why does Nov. 14th seem so far away??? My daughter was watching them with me and of course I tried to talk during times they were saying things that her ears didn’t need to hear. She was telling me how she will design clothes when she gets like 16 (keep in mind the 16-19 year old range is her target age right now because of some of her cousins). I had to laugh so later when she was in the craft/school room, she climbed up on my stool and pulled out the measuring tape to measure a piece of fabric. She measured accurately and this is just from watching me, it was so cute.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!