The Reveal

Okay, so I have told you about Swap-bot and how much I have been enjoying it so here are the goodies that I have sent as I have already revealed the one I have received.

For the Nice & Cozy swap, we had to send a book that we have read and a drink item for snuggling during the cold. My partner enjoyed suspense, so I sent her this:

swapbot nice and cozy

I also joined a newbie swap as you have to get your rating up to join some of the other swaps, in other words they want to make sure that you aren’t a fake and a flake. 🙂

My partner for the newbie swap liked jewelry and butterflies, so I sent her this necklace and earring set of Rose quartz that I made and some butterfly rub-ons.

newbie swap sent

I am going to send off my next one tomorrow and it is to a youngster, she is only 19 so that was something for me with her likes/dislikes. I hadn’t even heard of some of the stuff… 🙂 She liked butterflies so I made her a small bag and sent her a Teen Vogue mag and some other small items that she will hopefully like, so here is the bag and mag and then all wrapped up and ready to go.

butterfly bag & mag

all wrapped up

6 thoughts on “The Reveal”

  1. Here through Swap-Bot! 😀

    I love how you did up that package! Very nice! I have to get in on some of the newbie swaps to get my ratings up! 😀

  2. Ahhh! What lovely treats you’re sending out! That necklace and earring set is stunning, what a lucky partner! I always take more care in the packages i know are to good swappers 🙂 Build up those hearts, you know?

    If you’re wondering I got your url from swapbot.. i sent you my link for the bloglove swap and decided to check yours out too haha. 🙂

  3. I am glad that you like swap-bot, too. I am addicted. I am glad that you have had success with the newbie swaps. I had quite a few flakers along the way, but since I didn’t send anything to them the sting was not too bad for me (at least).

    Once you have done 3-4 swaps and have a good rating you can move out of the newbie swaps. I have been having a lot of fun with them and branching out to new crafts that I might not do otherwise. I have also made some buddies through it. I am in a felted brooch swap and a button faerie swap on there now.

    I enjoy it very much. It is great to open the mail lately. :O)

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