I think therefore I am…


Elizabeth over at Muddy Boots thinks that I think, I tell you the pressure is on now to get away from the dribble that has been flowing through my keyboard. 😉

I truly am honored to receive such an award. I realize that my little patch of land in the blogiverse is full of many different flower patches. I have tulips or my mommy stuff,

Photo Courtesy of About.com

sunflowers (homeschool stuff),
Sunflowers Photo Courtesy of Commons Wikimedia

wildflowers (craft stuff)

Photo Courtesy of BBC

and weeds, which can be lovely.
Photo Courtesy of California.

So, you are probably wondering, who else thinks…

Only Sometimes Clever, Mom Loves Being at Home, Mother Crone’s Homeschool, and Dishpan Dribble just to name a few. I could go on and on but I must stop myself before I start with the dribble again.

Meme, Meme, Meme

Oooh, it has been some time since I have done a meme. The beautiful and crafty chica, Euphoria, has tagged me so I must oblige because that’s what blogland buddies do, right? Added bonus, her hubby likes the Cowboys. 😀

Favorite Disney Movie – Cinderella

Greatest Dessert – This is hard because I love desserts. Good Tiramisu is always a weakness for me but lately the Tuxedo Chocolate Cake from Olive Garden has been making me weak in the knees.

Best Craft – Gollygee, just one, how about sewcroknitting a new craft for those that sew, knit, & crochet. 🙂

Occupation – Chief Executive Officer of a small corporation consisting of 4 employees, 2 are underage but hey, who’s gonna tell.

Dream Job – One in which the money wasn’t the main reason for doing it..I guess my current job would qualify then…LOL!

Greatest Hero – Jesus and I wouldn’t mind having Wonder Woman’s truth lasso because sometimes I am slow in the area of discernment.

Pet Peeve – One of many is when people leave their blinker on while they are driving.

Randomness about You – I become empowered when watching HGTV to the point that I really think that I can go build a deck or my own home. 🙂

That was fun!!! Now, if you want to join in the fun, go for it.