Whoo hoo, a long weekend!!

I am out of here for the long weekend (I am actually gone, gotta love future posting). We are headed to NC to stay with one of my BIL’s so he and hubby can play golf on Saturday like they used to prior to marriage. πŸ˜‰ My mom is coming so we will find something to do as my SIL has one of those not child/little people friendly homes where it looks straight out of Architectural Digest so you can’t really get comfy, KWIM?

Please pray for my Dad as he has a foot issue that is preventing him from going with us. He goes to the doctor on Monday with x-rays in hand but the doc thinks it may be a bone/heel spur so he really needs to not do too much walking and really could go but became sour when the doctor told him he couldn’t play golf…..men.

We will be back on Sunday so it is not too long but I won’t have internet access but I will have knitting and crochet and some reading. I am hoping to find some thrift stores and also the closest Joann’s to purchase a few pieces for a different texture baby blanket for my new niece. That’s right, all clearance fabrics are 50% until Monday and so is interfacing, just FYI!

Enjoy the weekend and may it be full with love, family, friends and crafts! πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “Whoo hoo, a long weekend!!”

  1. Hey there! Enjoy your much-deserved long weekend. I have been catching up on reading all the posts I missed over the past few weeks on our trip, and thank you for sharing such a beautiful and thought-provoking post in honor of your brother’s birthday. Sometimes, when daily schedules get hectic and we get wrapped up in all the details of managing our lives, something will quietly tap you on the shoulder and point out what’s REALLY important. Your post did that for me.

    Thanks also for the Nice Matters award. You are the best.

  2. I’m glad you stopped by my blog, because now I have found yours. Lots of interesting topics. My heart goes out to you and your family for the loss of your brother. It’s hard to be in a tragedy and wonder “what if”. Just remember… “What’er My God Ordains is Right”, “Great is Thy Faithfulness”.Take Care.

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