Handmade for the Holidays (all year round as well)

Sew Mama Sew

Sew, Mama, Sew! is doing an awesome 30 days of gifts that you can sew for those loved ones in your life. Guess what, it kicks off tomorrow (actually today once I finally post this), November 1st and they are doing giveaways at the end of each week for $25 gift certificates, that’s what I am talking about. 🙂

This is reposted from their site because it’s lazy and I don’t feel like retyping and that’s why the right click, copy, paste were invented, isn’t it?

Each day in November focuses on a particular theme; we will provide great resources and inspirational ideas for sewing holiday gifts. Every week throughout November we’ll also offer two $25 gift certificates to Sew,Mama,Sew! Winners will be randomly selected from all comments posted on the blog in the previous week.

Please help us spread the news about Handmade Holidays. Feel free to add our button to your blog or website (see below) and please enjoy our sneak peek at the themes below. Visit daily, find your creative muse and enjoy Handmade Holidays!

Sew,Mama,Sew! Handmade Holidays: 30 Days of Gifts to Sew
November 1 ~ Aprons
November 2 ~ Pincushions & Pins
November 3 ~ For the House
November 4 ~ Lunch Bags
November 5 ~ Tote Bags
November 6 ~ Blankets for Baby
November 7 ~ For your Purse or Pocket
November 8 ~ Whimsy
November 9 ~ Fabric Ornaments
November 10 ~ Ties and Belts
November 11 ~ Reading & Writing
November 12 ~ For the Table
November 13 ~ Placemats
November 14 ~ Kids’ Clothes
November 15 ~ Warm those Toes
November 16 ~ Gifts for the Crafter
November 17 ~ Purses
November 18 ~ For Baby
November 19 ~ Tech Gifts
November 20 ~ Gifts for Organization
November 21 ~ Pillows
November 22 ~ Fun for Hair
November 23 ~ Soft Toys & Games
November 24 ~ Sachets
November 25 ~ For the Kitchen
November 26 ~ Embellishments
November 27 ~ Gifts for Warmth
November 28 ~ Drawstring Bags
November 29 ~ Fabric Boxes
November 30 ~ Gift Compilations

We respect the copyright of all crafters.
All links and photos from blogs on our Handmade Holidays posts are used with permission.

I command you to go forth and sew!!!! 😉

Woohoo Wednesday!!!

Wow, it is really Wednesday!!! I finished the project that I spoke of the other day and I am so thankful that I could keep yelling out a few more woo hoo’s because let me tell you that thing zapped every bit of creative juice that I may have ever had going through my veins. It was laborious to say the least but thankfully yesterday my mom came up and that helped me finish it because she hemmed it with some good old hem tape and an iron….hallelujah!!!!!

In the process of this project it became evident to me that Ken aka my Kenmore that I learned to sew on was having some tension problems. I thought it was because I was quite tense but it was him. I took him back to the repair shop yesterday because he was serviced in August and I am awaiting a call from them regarding his issues. I had to pull out the trusty back-up Euro Pro that say what you will whipped that project out in no time. So, it is me and the back-up for a few days and prayerfully Ken will come home really serviced and ready to resume our mid-afternoon and late night affair. 😉

I was tempted to pull out the purple passion that is the Princess’ machine that ws procured for a whole $2 at the auction by my parents. As mentioned, my dad removed the Bratz label and here she is in her glory. She has 3 different stitch settings and when you flip to reverse she automatically reverse stitches.

view #1

She even came with her own little accessory kit that includes additional thread and already wound bobbins, scissors (they can’t cut anything but they are cute), scrap material, tape measure, and some other goodies.


The Princess is pretty excited about this new little purchase and wants to get sewing. Mind you the instruction manual said it is for kids 8 and older and being that she is 5, I let her do some stitching on a few scraps but will work on some actual teaching as in how to sew a straight line first. 🙂

Tonight is Trunk or Treat at AWANA and I have to make cookies for the Prince’s class as the Cubbies will not go outside for the trunk or treat. No costumes just fun and lots of sugar.

I have quite a few swaps to get cracking on via Swap-Bot so my work is cut out for me so there should be lots of pics over the coming days/weeks.

Hope you are having a great Woohoo Wednesday!

Mojo Monday

Good afternoon! I just got back in from storytime at the library with the kids and a few quick errands Joann’s for some pinking shears and Michael’s for some toggle clasps for making beaded stitch markers. Of course, I had to stop at WaWa and get a cup of coffee. I like their Dark Roasted and even though there are 5 Starbucks (talk about overkill) in the path that I travelled, I didn’t go to any because when I pay $4 for a cup of coffee, I think it should be made perfect each time and depending upon which one I go to and who is working, I usually have to watch them like a Chicken Hawk to make sure it is to my liking. Sometimes they are too lazy to actually include real froth in my latte and actually look disgusted when I ask them to redo it with real froth. Anyhoo, that is another conversation for another day. 😉

How was your weekend? Mine was okay not too much going on but I titled this Mojo Monday as I am trying to get my crafting mojo back. I have a slew of ideas filling my head yet I have one project that I really don’t want to do for a few reasons but a dear friend asked me to do it, so I will but just knowing that I have to do has really sapped my mojo.

My parents found a sewing machine for Princess and it is way too cute, pics later after I deal with the forementioned must do craft item. She sewed a few scraps on Saturday and keeps begging to want to sew something. It was $2 and a real steal and cleaned up nicely after my Dad removed the Bratz labeling as everybody knows that I really do not like those dolls. 🙂

Homeschooling is coming along. I can see the learning which is always rewarding but I feel the need for a bit of small change. I was doing my own thing and it was looking like a patchwork quilt which is good but sometimes required more work than I had time so I am going to loosely follow the Ambleside Curriculum of course continuing with Math-U-See and some other items. The Prince is picking up so much by being present that he went through Book 1 and Book 2 of the Bob Books the other night to prove that he can read too…of course this is wonderful that he is learning so much but it also means that @ 3.5 years of age he is turning into a real whippersnapper.

I could stall on here all day but I have some other items to tend to so I must tend, tend, tend. I will be responding by email to many of the comments tonight and thanks for leaving me comments, I really do appreciate it. 😀

Oooh la la

Like I said earlier, I received my Weekly Newbie Swap today. My partner is in Japan at the military base and when she received me as a partner, she asked if I would like a Japanese craft book…do birds fly? Is a cheetah fast? 🙂

I was so excited and due to the distance, I patiently waited for my mail man everyday hoping it was the day. Well, today in the midst of the rain, it was the day. My package arrived and here it is

swap received

The card is so cute and yes, I plan to use some of those elements in my cards. 😉 She sent me a Japanese craft book for making skirts, something really lacking in my wardrobe. Also, 2 pieces of fabric, I even love the Japanese tags. Then there was the pen, it is a 3 in 1 pen with fine/broad/brush parts and it is so cool. Guess what, it writes orange…yippee!!

Here are a few pics of the insides of the book, did I mention it has pull out patterns.

ooh la la

ooh la la #2

ooh la la #3

Forgive the shots as I was rushing to take them before my camera died. I really don’t know what I want to make first and what current projects are going to get the boot. Decisions, decisons, decisions.


I am peeking in rather quickly as I need to warm up some leftovers for dinner for the kids and I as hubby has class tonight. I will then take the kids to AWANA and enjoy 1 hour of me time as I head to the library, Joann’s, and Starbucks for my weekly latte before picking the kids up and heading home for them to stay up way past their bedtime until their dad comes home.

It is raining here today and is a bit dreary but even the rain has its place. I thrifted today and found some delightful items. Also, I received my swap package from my Newbie swap partner who is in Japan with her hubby at the base, can you say Japanese craft book for skirts. Oooh, it needs its own post later but I won’t wait too late as the pages may be too covered in drool for you to see. 😉

That’s about it for now, more to come later.

Please keep those impacted by the fires in your prayers.

What cha got cookin?

Had to go to a bridal shower today so I am trying really hard not to make purchases, especially gifts at the last minute, so I made an apron from a thrifted pillowcase, curtains and ric rac. The only thing not thrifted was the thread but that’s been in the stash. 🙂

My photographer is 5 but she is getting pretty good so here is the front while the wind was blowing this morning


And here is the back

apron back

There are some definite mods that I will make the next time like instead of just taking the scissors and freehanding an assymetrical line, I may actually draw a line first. 🙂 Also, I would like to work on the side hems and I am still getting my feel for embellishing. There is a fine line between just enough and too much.

Also, I was watching Season 2 reruns of Project Runway, why does Nov. 14th seem so far away??? My daughter was watching them with me and of course I tried to talk during times they were saying things that her ears didn’t need to hear. She was telling me how she will design clothes when she gets like 16 (keep in mind the 16-19 year old range is her target age right now because of some of her cousins). I had to laugh so later when she was in the craft/school room, she climbed up on my stool and pulled out the measuring tape to measure a piece of fabric. She measured accurately and this is just from watching me, it was so cute.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

The Reveal

Okay, so I have told you about Swap-bot and how much I have been enjoying it so here are the goodies that I have sent as I have already revealed the one I have received.

For the Nice & Cozy swap, we had to send a book that we have read and a drink item for snuggling during the cold. My partner enjoyed suspense, so I sent her this:

swapbot nice and cozy

I also joined a newbie swap as you have to get your rating up to join some of the other swaps, in other words they want to make sure that you aren’t a fake and a flake. 🙂

My partner for the newbie swap liked jewelry and butterflies, so I sent her this necklace and earring set of Rose quartz that I made and some butterfly rub-ons.

newbie swap sent

I am going to send off my next one tomorrow and it is to a youngster, she is only 19 so that was something for me with her likes/dislikes. I hadn’t even heard of some of the stuff… 🙂 She liked butterflies so I made her a small bag and sent her a Teen Vogue mag and some other small items that she will hopefully like, so here is the bag and mag and then all wrapped up and ready to go.

butterfly bag & mag

all wrapped up