? for jewelry crafters or crafters in general

I have a question and I am looking for some opinions…Every year, I usually do Christmas wreaths and swags but over the past 2 years, I have been making/selling some of my jewelry as well. I recently sent out an email letting everyone know that I am taking orders and a friend of mine indicated that 2 of the id badge holders that I made for clientele that she referred have broken. She was wondering if they were made out of the same material as hers as hers is like kryptonite despite the everyday (well except Saturdays and Sundays) wear and tear. I do believe that it is out of the same wire but (hold tight, I am getting to the question) I can’t really remember as it has been over a year since they made their purchases. Neither of the clients have indicated the problem to me and the id holders were $18 at the time of purchase and one of the clients has other jewelry items from me with no problems, so should I send them a message offering a replacement or considering the wear and tear, has the item served its useful time?

I am torn because I do like having a good reputation with my products but also I know that some things will not last forever. What would you do?