In my earlier post, I shared about the stuff issue and afterwards, I sent the kids upstairs so that they could cull through their stuff for us to give some things away. Before I share the pics, hubby and I have had a chat and prayer and I am feeling better about some things as we move forward and really trying to get a handle on this issue. 🙂

Now for the pics that will let explain the post title. I told the kids to pile up their give away pile in the hallway…

giveaway pile

Here is what son left in his room as a keep pile…

son's keep pile

and here is what daughter left in her room…

daughter's keep pile


5 thoughts on “Aaarrrggghhh”

  1. Oh my goodness! My kids’ rooms used to look the same way. They had piles of stuff they rarely played with but just couldn’t give up. I’m not sure what happened, maturity perhaps, but they are finally tired of all the stuff and are glad to get rid of it.

    The hard part now is keeping too much stuff from entering in again.


  2. ..heehee..

    I have to sit down with the kids to get anything accomplished. One of my girls is a hoarder and she needs some prodding before she’ll let anything out of the room (including garbage!?!). The rule is if they haven’t played with it for three months then they don’t need it… Same goes for clothes ~ minus what I’m keeping for ‘next’ season to see if it’ll still fit.

    And I feel ya on the messy room thing! EVERYDAY my kids have to pick up their rooms and you’d think that they’d learn to put their stuff away rather than throw it on the floor and have to clean their rooms all over again. Not my kids.

    On the other hand, I was equally nasty when I was a kid 😉

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