A trip to the County Fair

We are big county fair goers…we love going to the County Fair where my parents live as it is more rural than where we live so there is more livestock and truthfully it is as if everyone in the county is there, I mean everybody. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Friday night, we hung out at the fair and here are some of the sites:

This mama had just had her baby and was not too keen on the local yocals getting too close…

mad mama

Another tired mama after having birthed

1 tired mama

this cutie pie

few minutes old

Yes, landing on these would hurt…ouch!!

my what horns

Here’s one big pig

big pig

here’s the beef you were looking for

where's the beef

Now for major cuteness, we have this

little duckies

and this

cute bunny

and this


Lots of other pics on Flickr.

and last but not least, we have this beauty!

the princess


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