A bunch of stuff

All kinds of interesting little ditties are floating through my head, so I thought that I would share some of them. 🙂

Flickr – Yes, it has happenned, I have hit my 200 photo limit. To upgrade to pro or not have the older photos viewable? I tell ya, decisions, decisions.

Library – I scored with picking up Amy Karol aka Angry Chicken’s book, Bend the Rules Sewing. I have so many books on all of my bookshelves that I am trying to make sure that I want/need another book before purchase and was tickled pink that the library had it on the shelf.

Crafty dilemma – I have been making Christmas wreaths & swags for purchase for the past few years and I find myself wondering if I should do it this year. They are pretty quick and easy and I have many supporters but the profit ratio isn’t as great as my jewelry or other items. I am not sure what I want to do this year especially since I am also coordinating my first wedding and it is in the beginning of December.

Neighbor – I have a neighbor who gave me some apples that she had too many of and she indicated that she received them from a food pantry kind of place. I am a bit dismayed because IMO she is taking food from others that may need it because she is a SAHM and they also afford a cleaning person, landscaper and extracurricular activities for their son. Granted, I do not know details of her financial situation and I do not like to judge…maybe it is just me….

Joann’s – They are having a great sale in which all clearance fabric is 50% off. I picked up a few pieces and may go back for a few more. They had some cute fabric choices especially in terms of home decorating fabrics.

Knitting – I have started a hat. Yippee as I haven’t done hats before so we shall see how it turns out.

Thrifting – While at my parents, I visited the local thrift store and had some great scores. Some curtains that were in a kids rooms that will make awesome appliques and also some other cool items. I also found a VitaMini juicer for only $2. Fresh squeezed juice in the morning or whenever, definitely a good thing to borrow from Martha. 🙂

That’s enough from me and this post would have been enhanced with pics but my camera is charging. 😦


3 thoughts on “A bunch of stuff”

  1. Interesting about the neighbor. Is she getting food from a food pantry or is she volunteering there and they just had leftover apples? With a cleaning lady, I don’t think they should be getting food from a food pantry, that sounds really odd.

    Wonderful score on the juicer! Admittedly, I watched a Jack LaLanne juicer infomercial the other day, mesmerized. How I immediately wanted one (but could not part with $100)!

  2. Lucky you! I have yet to find a way to get hold of Amy Karol’s book. I’m trying to be economical with all my uncontrollable fabric shopping. And I’m not looking forward to my Flickr 200-pic limit.

    Oh yeah, hi 🙂

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