A Prince & An Apron

I finished the book tote bag for the Prince and embroidered one of his favorites – dinosaurs. The liner is from a Coca-Cola pillow case that was thrifted for $.50. 🙂

Prince & his bag

inside of bag

The other day my daughter told me that I needed to clean out my closet when she was asked to retrieve something. Yes, she can be brutally honest. 😉 So, I started taking a serious look at some of the items and this wrap skirt jumped out at me. It was cute on the hanger and sort of an impulse purchase in that I didn’t try it on…well, the back doesn’t wrap far enough around for me to feel comfortable especially if the wind blows. Explanation – it is not a traditional wrap skirt in which there is a full back and the front wraps. So, I upcycled (love that word) it into an apron. The front embroidered piece is from a Martha Stewart curtain panel that I picked up at a yard sale. I did save the other sides to make something else. 🙂

wrap skirt



Yes, the kids are still learning

Downsizing, consolidating, no longer compartmentalizing, whatever you want to call it, since I have combined my homeschooling blog with this one, you are probably thinking that the kids are left to their own devices as I sew and sew and sew. 😉 Don’t worry your pretty (or handsome – TT) heads, we are still homeschooling and they are still learning.

Today we finished our second field trip to Baltimore to the Maryland Science Center for their homeschool weeks. They do a series of homeschool classes during the first 3 weeks in September and the kids had a blast. I would have taken pics last week but I am a putz as I left my camera in the car after being blown away by the $21 parking garage fee. This week we employed wisdom and were blessed with a street metered parking space that was 30 minutes for $.25 so all day still was less than $5.

Today the kids did a class on using their 5 senses in the scientific method. It was good but it definitely couldn’t compare to the next class of Creepies and Crawlies. Any class where you can see and touch live animals rocks and kids no longer feel the need to have their other senses. 🙂 Which is cool because taste would not have been a good sense to use with the wild animals and all.

Here are pics of my bambinos not being afraid to touch a turtle, salamander, ferret and snake. Mind you, I thought the Princess would freak out but she didn’t and of course the Prince he was ready to pocket them all and take them home.

getting closer


they touched it

she's touching it

Yes, see a good mom goes around the other side to take pics but I didn’t want to obstruct the views of the kiddies that were waiting in anticipation for the animals to come their way and calming their jittery nerves about to touch or not to touch. So, a terrific mom takes back of the head shots which are always loved by her children as they wonder to themselves why their Mommy couldn’t just settle for being good.

Just in case you wanted to fill up on frontal cuteness, here is the Prince on the pulley seat loving life as he was taller than everyone else.

look mom