Kim, she was the obvious choice

Okay, I told myself that I would tune into the HGTV’s Design Star at the end because I knew that was when they would reveal the winner but lack of other viewing options left me watching the entire episode. Seeing all of the designers together again and the never before seen bloopers were fun and entertaining but as I suspected, Kim was America’s choice. Seriously though, did anyone really think Todd was going to win?

Todd reminded me of David from last year just more hyper. They both liked to work with no shirts, what is with that?!?!? Unlike David, Todd didn’t really know when to calm his designs down to appeal to a potential customer base. As an artist he held to his vision but potential customers (i.e., the viewing public) want an artist that has a vision but also listens and that left America with the no other choice between he and Kim.

Kim’s final design was nice and more of what one would expect to see in an upscale hotel penthouse. She has a natural gift being that she has little formal design experience so that made her designs more exciting and refreshing.

If I am honest, I really liked Will. I think that if he would have dressed/look like he did for tonight’s show, he probably would have had a better chance of being in the final 2. That may seem crass but I really felt that the judges (not Vern) felt that he didn’t have tv appeal. Tonight he really showed a different side and I do not think the judges saw that side as much during the show. Of course, that is just my opinion. 😉


6 thoughts on “Kim, she was the obvious choice”

  1. After seeing the excellent job Kim did on the hotel penthouse, I thought she would win. Her sense of flow and mood made the rooms seem so open and inviting. I also agree with you about Will. What an awesome guy. He just needed to dress the part. I must admit I gave a victory yell when the winner was announced tonight.

  2. My dh thought Todd would win. He was actually incredulous that Kim won — all based on the hotel room designs. Were we watching the same show? LOL

    I’m glad Kim won and think it is pretty cool that she isn’t a trained designer. There’s hope for all of us designer-wannabes. LOL

  3. I totally agree with your sentiments- I really was pushing for Will but he just didn’t bring it with the appearance. Kim did do a phenomenal job on the penthouse – I wasn’t too sure about her after the home visit challenge but she brought it for the finale. I would have been so upset if another shirtless weirdo wonder won this year. As much as I liked David on the show last year his Colorsplash has been very disappointing thus far. I’m hoping Kim’s show will be much more interesting and innovative (somehow I have a feeling it will be).

  4. I was pulling for Will, too, and not just because he’s from NC. 😉 He was the best designer overall, but he didn’t have the theatrical side one usually expects of TV personalities.

    I’m glad that Kim won, too. I missed the final room design, but when I went to the website and saw the results, it seemed obvious who the winner should be, although I was scared that Todd might win.

  5. I called the winner several episodes back as well. I also liked that cute little southern girl SAHM whats-her-name? I disagree with ya’ll about Will, though. His designs just didn’t look different from any thing that’s already out there. It looks like he got most of his stuff from Ikea (nothing against Ikea, I love it, love lots of their products, have several of them) if you know what I mean. A little too modern for a lot of people. He seemed like a truely nice person, but I was uncomfortable watching him “host” because HE was clearly so uncomfortable.

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