Nature & Crafting, both are beautiful

Okay, life seems to be whizzing by at times but I love it when I am still able to enjoy nature. Even though we live in the suburbs, our yard backs to a wooded area which is great for deer and bird sightings but not so great when the occassional snake is seeking shade. As of late, there is a momma dear with her 2 babies (1 from this season and 1 from last season) that have been frequenting our yard. The kids and I love to watch them from the kitchen windows or the patio door and I think mom is pretty used to us as she doesn’t scamper off.

Enough of me, here are a few pics of momma and 1 of her babies:

chomp chomp

got an itch

in the backyard

Yes that is my basil plant in the picture. She was delicious in my tomato gravy that I made last night for the freezer. Yummy!!

Speaking of yummy, my recent japanese craft book purchases are chock full of yumminess. Sometimes my head hurts as I flip the pages and think about what to do next and how to lock myself in my craft room.

jcb 2

jcb 4

jcb 3

jcb 1

This is my inspriration for my latest wip (see pics below). The floral fabric is refashioned from an old seat cover that I picked up at a yard sale. The same sale had the burnt orange and the tan is denim from Joann’s. I am concerned it looks a bit odd, but it feels fallish so I will continue it to see how the end product comes out.

wip 1

wip 2

I hope each of you enjoy your weekend and that it is full of all things beautiful.


7 thoughts on “Nature & Crafting, both are beautiful”

  1. The bag is… different… but not ugly by any means. It’s very NW hippie, however. Do you have the strap done yet? What are you going to finish the edges with? Is the backside the same? I’m interested in how you finish ‘er up. Make sure and post pictures!

    I LOVE the bag that’s on the third picture down, on the right. I told myself to quilt and yet I’m sitting here looking at your goodies… ugh…

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