Wonder woman, I am not…

Wonder Woman

Note: Image courtesy of Wonder Woman Museum

Wonder woman and the Bionic Woman were some of my favorite shows growing up. It is amazing the lessons from childhood that we forget. See, I used to try to change my clothes by spinning around, it never worked. Now as a big girl, I was still thinking that I could do and be everything and anything, but once again, it doesn’t work. Therefore, I am reminded of my lesson learned from childhood in that I am not wonder woman. As such, I have decided to take off my superwoman, superwife, supermom, superhomeschooler, super(fillintheblank) all-around wonder woman cape.

What does it all mean, I just need to streamline some things because I was doing a lot of things that put extra pressure on myself and not doing some things that I need to do. In terms of blogging, I am not taking a break, but I am going to condense my homeschooling blog with this one. Firmly Planted will still be up but will keep a post at the top that will direct people here.

Now in terms of my life, I am notoriously known for taking care of everyone else except for myself. I am going tomorrow morning for some blood work just to see what is what and I am going to enjoy the moments more. I was feeling like a tired mama and having anxiety over many things. None of that is characteristic of me as I can be type A but I try to keep that in check. I was wonderfing if we were doing the right thing by me being home (mind you I have been home for 5 years and we haven’t lacked for anything) yet the thought was creeping in, was I organized enough, was I teaching my children well, is my house clean enough, is this, is that, yada yada yada. It was starting to bother me and of course none of it helped being that I am in hormonal overload.

That made me once again think about seasons, because this is the season that I am in and everything in this season will not be the same way forever. I had let some of what I had been reading be a report card on me and that is never cool. I don’t have a household chore notebook, but my house is still clean. I don’t plan my meals weekly/monthly but we eat everyday. This is nothing against those that do, bravo and kudos to them, I had to accept that I don’t and that is still okay.

My mom is a super planner, so my intent is not to offend. I will be serving the kids lunch and she is wondering what is for dinner. 🙂 I am just not that way and if you aren’t, it is okay! There is a saying and I don’t know the originator, but I basically had to accept that there will always be someone prettier, smarter, more organized, thinner, (fill in the blank) than I am and instead of trying to fly by them in my cape, I am just going to take it off and be me. Ahh, freedom!!


4 thoughts on “Wonder woman, I am not…”

  1. Is that wonder woman in your house!?!

    And let me tell ya, chica, God made you absolutely you so enjoy her! She doesn’t plan far in advance or clean the inside of the oven just because (or maybe you do?). Since when is being highly organized a requirement to me an awesome wife and momma?

    And trust me, we are two peas in a pod. The employees at the grocery store near my house KNOW MY NAME and ask about my personal life because I go there EVERYDAY to buy food for dinner. We’ll call it a grocery store ministry 😉 and I’ll take how God made me and use it for Him!

    love ya!

  2. I think this is something that we all go through from time to time. And nothing good comes from comparisons. It is always enough to just do the best we can at any given time, with the set of circumstances we are given, and forgive ourselves the rest.
    Enjoy the freedom, my dear, and I think you are pretty wonderful without the cape!

  3. As young women coming of age in the 1980’s, I think we were sold a pretty lame concept: that we could “have it all” as Superwomen. Career, family, hobbies, there were no limits. Except someone forgot to inform us about TIME and SLEEP. There’s no way anyone could “have it all” and remain sane. Something’s got to give. I often long for the simpler ways of living, a calmer pace, less of everything these days that is considered more. (Except please, don’t take away my Internet access, LOL.)

  4. Well you know what I think about organizers and planners. I say chuck them. Most people who live by them, spend more time writing in them, and talking about them than they do actually doing the work!

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