This word has been on my mind lately and it describes the general P*S funk that I seemingly devolved into every month. Hence my need to share it with each of you.

Vacation was great but wouldn’t it be greater to return home to a refrigerator full of food, mail sorted, and a few cooked meals. 😉 Yesterday was truly spent trying to get back to a normal sense of self around these parts and that included grocery shopping, replacing the kitchen faucet, a trip to the farm for some fresh veggies and trying not to break into the post office as my mail is on hold (due to be delivered any minute) and 3 Japanese craft books are in the held mail. Yes, my priorities are in order.

Today was the once yearly at the girlie doctor. My mom and I have the same doctor so we had back-to-back appointments but her stepdad passed and she and my father (aka today’s substitute teacher) had to head to NJ for the funeral. Since the substitute wasn’t available, the kids traveled with me goodies in tow to keep themselves occupied. They were well-behaved and is it me, or does your doctor not take enough time to reacquaint him/herself with you prior to coming in the room. Don’t get me wrong, I love my doctor but goodgollygeewillickers, our conversation went like this:

Doctor: Hi, how are you today?

Me: Fine and you?

(doctor is reading chart)

Doctor: So, you are here for your well woman visit (pause) and are you and hubby looking for more kids? (still reading chart)

Me: silence

Doctor: Oh, that’s right you had to…….(Doctor proceeds to recount my previous pregnancy, birth and all other details, just in case I forgot)

Of course I continue being silent and that is why I don’t like to go as they can’t just let the past be the past. 🙂

On the serious side, she found a small mass so I have to go have a sonogram and mammo but she is pretty sure it is nothing. Of course nothing isn’t really nothing until it has been proven to be nothing. My appointment with radiology isn’t until the 28th and dear hubby asked – “couldn’t you get something sooner”…I calmly replied that was the first appointment available and chose quietness as the rest of my answer because a zinger of a response was starting to form on the right side of my brain.

My mom and girlfriend believe it is a caffeine nodule as they have both had those and they said I should cut back on my coffee/pepsi/chocolate, so I told them to just kill me now. 😉

Afterwards, I was a bit depressed but I continued with the day and the kids and I headed to the library. They both received their own library cards today and were pleased as punch to check out their own books. It made my heart proud.

They have been napping forever and I need to go get some basil and celery to start making sauce out of the gazillion tomatoes that I picked up at the farm. Dinner will be turkey burgers on the grill and some veggies.

I am slowly getting back into the groove but I would love it if the mailman would bring me my mail, at the very least bring me my books. 😀

***ETA:*** The mailman came with only the mail from today and he came after 5 p.m. so I couldn’t contact the post office and inform them of this terrible mistake. I did contact the nationwide 800 number and spoke to an agent that was very understanding and she sent an electronic report to our post office. 😦