Motherhood Monday Fiction Meme #6 (on Tuesday)

Motherhood Monday Fiction MemeĀ #6

Ever since she met her grandpa Ray, Marissa could remember his favorite saying, “if you like it, I love it.” As a young girl, she had no earthly idea of what it meant but Grandpa Ray would always use it. As Marissa entered her teen years, she thought that phrase had other meanings being that Grandpa Ray was known to be a ladies man, rolling stone, and a few other choice words often uttered by the older church ladies in their big hats whenever Grandpa Ray would be in their presence. None of this truly matterered to Marissa because she just wanted her Grandpa to be happy and he seemed happy when he was with one of his many lady friends.

When Marissaa got married, her Grandpa Ray came to the wedding by himself. Marissa was so happy to see him but truly was amazed that he was flying solo. During the reception, Marissa had an opportunity to dance with her favorite Grandpa. During the dance, she enquired as to his stag status and Grandpa Ray said that the ladies were there to just fill the void that was left after his wife died but none of them had ever fully fit into her shoes. He knew that his lifestyle bothered Marissa’s mom, but he felt that she dind’t fully understand how empty his heart and his house were after having been connected in every sense of the word to the love of his life by marriage for 60 years and having known her for 70 years. He remembered the first time that he laid eyes on her as she was pumping water at the well. She was a small boned lady but she was strong in spirit and she was determined to fill the bucket with water no matter how long it took. He watched her from afar and then sauntered over to offer his assistance and being a 14 year old, he fully knew that she would be in awe of his masculine strength. The truth was that Grandpa Ray wasn’t big in stature at 14 and he struggled to pump the water and Grandma just chuckled to herself but thought he was cute. They continued their friendship for another 6 years until they married.

Marissa had never heard this story and as the tears streaked down her face, Grandpa Ray told her not to cry on her big wedding day but to pray for the beautiful marriage and good times that her grandparents had enjoyed. Marissa knew this was the best advice and thanked her Grandpa. As the song was coming to a close, Marissa had to know what was meant by Grandpa’s favorite saying – if you like it, I love it. Grandpa now had the tears streak down his face as he remembered the first itme that he heard that phrase. After he had worked up a good sweat trying to impress Grandma, he asked her if she liked how much water he had produced and his chest was out like a peacock. Grandma’s response was “if you like it, I love it.” They both chuckled and Marissa kissed her grandpa’s cheeks and whispered she loved him with all her heart and she was so thankful that he was her grandpa.