Almost all things embroidered!

I tell ya, it seems that everywhere I look there is something that is embroidered! A friend came over the other day with a cute top that I can’t go buy because of my Wardrobe Refashion pledge, so I took a picture of it with the hopes of being inspired. I love the trim and the embroidery.

shirt inspiration

I went to a huge flea market/yard sale on Saturday. I have been entirely too crazed to blog about it but the Pennysaver put it on and it was a hoot!! My hubby joined us and he is not a thrift/flea/yard kinda guy. 🙂 Of course, my parents joined us as well so the 6 of us went trolling and I found this adorable bag. The seller had mistakenly left a $20 bill inside of the bag because when she started selling she used the bag to hold her funds. I let her know and she was so grateful that she let me have the bag for free along with some other items for my son. It was handmade in South Africa and I won’t show the back which has a certain diamond company on it and I don’t want to talk about that, blood diamonds, and exploitation.

South African bag

SA handmade tag

I also started on the first project from Crafty Daisies. You can’t really see the rest of the design but I traced it on and hope to finish soon.

Crafty Daisies project

This is the floss that I scored at the flea market. The same sweet elderly lady also had 5 hoops, tons of scrap pieces, trim, thread, crochet hooks, and zippers. Yes, I took all of those items off of her hands. It was my social duty. 🙂

floss and more floss

And why I named the post, almost all things embroidered is because of this yarn that was on clearance at Joann’s for $.97. I purchased 4 to add with some of my stash for a scarf. I am not sure if I am going to knit or crochet. 🙂

cheap yarn