Wednesday Meme #2 – Four Things

Steff at On to Better Things tagged me with the Four Things Meme.

It is cute and fun so I thought I would give it a whirl.

    Four jobs that I have had in my life:

  1. Yogurt server at TCBY
  2. Bartender
  3. Legislative Director for Member of US Congress
  4. Policy Manager for a nonprofit
    Four places that I have lived:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Florida
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Maryland
    Four Countries that I have been to on vacation:

  1. Italy
  2. Switzerland
  3. I obviously need to travel more
    Four of my favorite foods:

  1. Thai Chicken and Basil with Thai Ice Tea
  2. 5 Cheese Macaroni & Cheese
  3. Bacon, bacon, bacon
  4. Warm nachos with fresh salsa that has lots of cilantro
    Four places I would rather be right now:

  1. Reunited with my son and my brother
  2. Everything else is not as special
    Four people that I am tagging:

  1. Hidden Art
  2. Anonymom
  3. The Ghetto Quilter
  4. Only Sometimes Clever

Wednesday Meme #1 – Laundry


Karen at Only Sometimes Clever tagged me for a Laundry Meme. I must admit, I had to chuckle because prior to marriage, I was the type of gal that thought it made more sense to buy more undergarments than to do laundry. 😉

Obviously things have changed, jury is still out if it is for the better… 😀

  1. In your home, who does the laundry?   I do.
  2. Do you sort your laundry?  Why of course.
  3. If you sort, how many different color/fabric type groups do you sort it into?  Let’s see, 1) darks (primarily blues and blacks), 2) whites, 3) lights, 4) lighter greens, pinks, reds, & purples (daughter’s wardrobe) and when necessary I wash my fabric for sewing and those are usually smaller loads but they are color sorted.
  4. Do you hand wash anything?  Not if I can help it. 😀 I will handwash sewing notions if I have picked them up from the thrift store.
  5. Are there any articles of clothing that you send out to be cleaned professionally?  Defiinitely.
  6. If you have any clothes cleaned professionally, is that drycleaning?  Or regular laundering/pressing?  Hubby’s in suit and ties everyday, so his work clothes all go out to the drycleaner. Usually they are drycleaned but we are thinking of going back to laundering/pressing his shirts but they will still be sent out because he knew prior to marriage, that the iron and I have a love/hate relationship. I have some items (suits, dresses, jackets) that I have drycleaned.
  7. At home, what detergent do you use?  Any detergent additives that you regularly use?  I use All’s Free and Clear variety that I can get in the 300 oz. tub from BJ’s for like $11. I also use bleach but after reading some of the participants, I am thinking that vinegar or baking soda sound like some good options. A has sensitive skin and the All works for her so I am sometimes leery of changing detergents.
  8. What whiteners/brighteners do you use?  Bleach.
  9. Do you use any fabric softeners?  Hubby likes his clothes to not have any static and to smell like the fabric softener sheet.
  10. How do you handle stains?  Pray that there aren’t any…okay, I pre-treat/soak in some detergent or bleach/detergent mix, depending on the stain. With the little people, it is usually food, grass or blood.
  11. Do you use different water temperatures for your different loads?  Yes, my whites get hot, darks get cold and everything else gets warm. All go through a cold rinse cycle and then an extra rinse.
  12. Do you use a tumble dryer, or do you hang your clothes to dry?  Once again, I don’t like to iron and feel that many items do not need ironing and the wrinkles will fall out. 🙂 I tumble dry just about everything. A has some dresses that I put in for a few minutes and take out and hang the same for hubby with some of his casual golf like t-shirts. I have a few items that are hung but most are thrown in the dryer.
  13. In your home, who folds the clothes?  The one who does the laundry, oh yeah that’s moi.
  14. Where do you fold your clothes?  (i.e., in the laundry room, at the kitchen table, etc.)  On the couch in the family room or on the couch in the basement while watching tv or being entertained by the little people.
  15. Who puts the folded clothes away?  Everyone puts away their own clothes including my 3 yo. I put his hanging items in the closet but he is responsible, just like his sister, for putting away the rest of his items. Hubby puts his clothes away as well, at his own rate. 😉 I put away my clothes, towels, sheets, etc.
  16. Do you have a certain day of the week you consider ”laundry day”?  I used to do laundry on Mondays..didn’t work. I pretty much do laundry everyday or at least every other day. I try to have it all finished by Saturday night as I do not do it on Sunday.
  17. About how many laundry loads do you do per week?  Too many! On average, 8-10, more if I have made some fabric purchases. Of course, the seasons impact the loads as well and having a daughter that has way too many clothes thanks to her Nana and Pop-Pop so she changes more than 1x a day.
  18. Do you iron?  I think most know this answer already…I do not choose to iron unless something is very wrinkled. My hubby irons his own items and will iron mine if I have something. I am quicker to iron fabric that is not sewn into something before I will iron our clothes.

There you have it, the Laundry Meme. Karen is so laid back, you can tag if you want, add/subtract questions, isn’t she great. 🙂 I am going to exercise my option to tag and I will try to tag folks that I haven’t tagged because I have to do another Meme for Steff.

I am going to tag:

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