Motherhood Monday Fiction Meme #5

Motherhood Monday Fiction Meme

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Grandpa Ray’s Favorite Game

The memories came flooding back to her as she sat on the floor with her twins. After their afternoon nap, Michael and Melanie always wanted Mommy to play the “what’s in your pocket game.” Marissa had played some version of this game with the twins since they were able to sit up independently and now that they were approaching 2, they wanted to know if Mommy ever played the game.

Marissa was taken back to the time when she was about 4 and she first met her grandpa. Grandpa Ray was what many would have called a “rolling stone” because after Marissa’s grandma had died, he was very depressed and found solace with the ladies, so Marissa never met him until she was almost 4. She vaguely remembers coming in from park time with her Daddy and seeing this old man sitting in the kitchen. He smiled when she approached him and he asked Marisa to guess what was in his pocket. Her Mom was smiling so Marissa remembers feeling safe, so she said a purple ball and her Grandpa said that it was round but not purple. Being the smart girl she was, Marissa asked what color was it rather directly and the old man smiled and said she was as direct as her Grandma. This caught Marissa by surprise because she had only seen her Grandma in pictures and her Mom had told her that the quilt on her bed had been made by her Grandma, but Marissa only knew her from the pictures and her Mom’s stories, as she died 4 months before Marissa was born from ovarian cancer.

Marissa asked the old man if he was her Grandpa and he said yes. Immediately she went and gave him a big hug. From that day forward, Grandpa Ray would come over every Sunday and he and Marissa would play “what’s in your pocket” while her Mom made Sunday dinner. This was Marissa’s Sunday routine until she was 14 when her Grandpa Ray passed on to heaven. Marissa never forgot the game and couldn’t wait until she had children of her own so that she could play with them.

The sound of Michael and Melanie shook Marissa from her daydream of Grandpa Ray and she then told her twins about their Great Grandpa Ray and how he and she would always play what’s in your pocket. The twins sat very still as their Mom shared details from her childhood and when she finished, Marissa pulled out the family photo album and showed Michael and Melanie pictures of their Great-grandparents. The twins smiled as only toddlers can at the pictures and it was then that Marissa knew that her Grandparents were smiling too.