Sunday Start with Art

Ah, the beginning of the week and what a better way to start than with some art. I have been inspired by so much that is visual this past week and I thought I would share with each of you some of those inspirations and some very creative bloggers.

Hidden Art – Amanda is a thought provoking blogger who homeschools her 2 children and does some amazing altered books. Her latest altered book – Life to the Full is stunning! Go visit her, you will be inspired.

The Illustrated Garden is a definite must see. Val is an awesome illustrator and her illustrations are so vivid and her color usage is phenomenal. One of my favorites is about one of my favorite drinks – coffee – and can you believe it she actually painted with coffee. When you are in need of some creative juice, go check her out!

The reality of not being able to purchase any new clothing because of my Wardrobe Refashion pledge really hit me after checking out a Fashion Forward post at EbonyMommy – the clothes were simply smashing! I realized that I have not been following fashion trends like I used to in my single days and felt a need to redefine my sense of self and style after seeing myself in a few pictures. Before anyone gets their bloomers in a bunch, I realize that my heart is what needs to be right in God’s eyes but God also told me to be concerned with the things of the world so that I may please my husband and he likes me to be pleasing to his eyes. 😉

As a result, I started combing the internet for fall fashion trends and what I can transform into a style that is appropriate and still very much me! I found some pieces of inspiration but I also found some items that were just too cute not to share. Many of these are from the top designers and you can view at Fall 2007 Trend Report.

This looks very doable…

Nicole Miller

I am more drawn to the jewelry on this one…


Another one that looks doable and simple…

Andrew Gn

Simply gray…

Kenneth Cole

Okay, I guess you all have realized that I am a gray/black/neutrals kinda gal. 😀 I do like color and here are some goodies from Benetton to prove that point.

I have always loved big hats…


Aren’t the knitted bags just adorable!


Yarn as hair…clever indeed!