Dumpster Diving – it's so good!!

Hi, I am a dumpster diver and I have a problem, but I do not want any therapy. 🙂 Before anyone’s mind begins to wonder, I don’t actually jump in dumpsters but I am not above trolling the streets prior to trash pick-up looking for tossed treasures. On the way home from Lowe’s after my whiteboard buying spree, I was lucky enough to be in the passenger seat as my dad drove and in this neighborhood near me, the sanitation engineers had not picked up yet and I began to get a butterfly feeling in my tummy as I watched with anticipation the offerings at the curb.

Me: Dad, slow down, I can’t see everything!

Dad: Well tell me that you are looking.. (yes, he is always one for a wise remark)

Me: Back up, let’s look at that basket.

(car door opens)

Me: Nevermind, the side is busted.

(car door closes)

Children in backseat: Mommy, what are you looking for?

Me: Nothing in particular.

My mom: (sly chuckle)

Dad keeps driving

Me: Back up dad, I see a sewing machine!

(car backs up and door opens)

Me: (I jump out and grab the whole box not knowing all of its contents but I saw this…)

curbside find

(car door closes)

My mom: Ooh, I wonder if it works

Me: Even if it doesn’t, they included the book and accessories

Dad: Can I go now?

Me: Yes, proceed home driver. 🙂

I was quite tickled as my machine that I learned to sew on and had fixed for my birthday is a Kenmore. The machine doesn’t work, sounds like it just needs a belt so I am debating about getting it repaired. In the meantime, I thought I would look at the accessories..


There are different size hemmers, binders, edgestitchers, and other goodies and then there was this…


I admit I was scared of it and here it is from the side

side view

What is it you ask – a ruffler!

I had been experiencing some craft envy of others and really prayed about it and I was led to a wonderful article in an old episode of Threads that I picked up at the library about a lady who sews great things on her 40+ year old machine. Admittedly, as a SAHM there are times when I have wants and know they are not needs and then I read a devotion that talked about wants vs. needs. I made confession of my want and truly just left it at the foot of the throne.

Why do I share all of this because God is good all of the time no matter where you may find yourself, he wants our obedience more than our sacrifices. Yes, we live off of 1 income and it is a pretty nice income but I still strive to be a good steward with everything that we have and God honored my obedience to Him and to my husband. All of this was free just like salvation, have you accepted your free gift?

11 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving – it's so good!!”

  1. Mmmmm… Love this post, for many reasons.

    I, too, thank God for everything, and see His hand of provision and blessing even in the trivial stuff.

    I participated in a blog discussion w/ an IRL friend, on the topic (more or less) debating what good things we should credit God for. (It’s here: http://commadotcomma.net/blog/2007/07/23/chasing-after-the-wind/ )

    I think God blesses us in big things and small, in tangibles (like special sewing machine feet) and intangibles (like someone being kind at the grocery store). And, I strongly believe that the closer my heart is to His in loving obedience, the more I’m blessed.

    Amen, in the end it all comes together for His good and His glory!! Today at a mega yard sale, I picked up a purse to purchase and there was a $20 bill in it, I let the seller know and she was so thankful that she let me get whatever I wanted…she had boys clothing as my big boy seems to be growing at a rapid rate and I was able to pick him up some items and mind you, I had just bypassed another table of items because I felt she was asking too much but my need for clothes for him was still on my mind and then the need was met. 😀

  2. that is a sweet find! good on you for keeping your eyes open for it. =]

    Thanks so much and stay on the lookout for a treasure. 🙂

  3. That is way, way, way, cool! I’m so pleased for your find… and admire your grateful and humble attitude. 🙂 Yay, God!! 😀

    You are right, it is so cool to borrow from my 5 year old…thanks!

  4. I can’t believe you found this beauty in the trash! You SO need to get the belt fixed, then you can use the ruffler!!! What a great find, thanks to your Dad of course! 🙂

    I am definitely considering getting the machine repaired and the awesome thing is that the ruffler and all of the other items fit my current machine…yahoo!!

  5. What a wonderful find and much better to be in your home than in the local dump.

    Mama Kelly

    Thanks…sometimes I do wonder why people trash the things that they do…

  6. I am giggling to imagine the two of us trolling neighborhoods together on garbage nights! I have been known to do the same…it is amazing the perfectly good things people throw away.

    What a score! As a crafter, I think you ahve me beat! A few years ago, I scored an Ariens snowblower. It needed a sparkplug…and worked for years until we traded it with a friend for an extra rototiller.

    If only we were closer…hee hee, last year during the height of the real estate boom, we had a contract on a house but lost out to another buyer and I went back through the neighborhood and the lady had put some things out and while I didn’t get her house, I did get some awesome baskets. 🙂

  7. A ruffler! Very cool and fun! I know you’ll just have fun with your new toy! You know, the nice lady who boxed everything up and put it on the curb would love to know your story. :o)

    And yes, God is good!

    What a great idea…I will have to drop a card off on Monday. My first time thanking someone for their trash. 🙂

  8. Oh, my goodness!
    What a fantastic find!! Those machine feet are worth a pretty penny all by themselves!

    you are, indeed, blessed!!

    Thanks and you are so right, those feet can get pricey. 🙂

  9. Your blog is full of “everyday grace” that recognizes the hand of God in all the small details of life. Just like the sewing machine on the side of the road, YOU are a gift, too! Thank you! (Have fun with your new find…)

    Thanks so much Val! I have been using the hemmers to make new curtains, they speed up the process once I figured out how to use them. 🙂

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