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Thursday Thoughts – some nuggets from the Book of Proverbs

How to make your own white board – perfect for homeschool, jotting down ideas, and inspiring creativity

2 thoughts on “Check these out”

  1. The whiteboard is a great idea.
    My school room is also our dining room and computer work station for my husband’s work. We have no wall space left. My whiteboard is attached by clamps to an old children’s easel. I set it up and remove it as needed since our space is limited.

    My son and I are reading through Proverbs right now. What great wisdom!

    Proverbs is such a treasure of widsom and really every day common sense and the truths in it are as applicable today as they were when it was written…hallelujah!

  2. I got my first sewing machine off the street too. It served me well for quite some years. Sometimes the best things are in the most unexpected places.

    That is so true, we just have to look…thanks for stopping by and sharing! 🙂

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