Monday, Oh Monday

Happy Monday to each of you!!! I hope your weekend was great, terrific, fantastic… 😉

So much to share, where to begin…

Birthday recap:

I did celebrate my birthday on Friday and for dinner I went here. I had been to this restaurant twice before and loved it but was underwhelmed this time around. I really don’t know what it is or what it was but after so much anticipation the menu didn’t have anything that jumped out at me as a must have or at least a must try so I wound up with a crab cake appetizer that did have a delicious corn relish (I must duplicate) and mustard creme fraiche that was quite tasty. For my entree, I just went with the grilled salmon with local seasonal veggies and it was good but Outback does a good grilled salmon for far less with veggies. Hubby had a crispy whole red snapper with a Thai curry coconut milk broth that he enjoyed. Hubby is allergic to shellfish and the menu was pretty seafood (specifically shellfish) heavy that night with only 2 meat specialities and both were beef (another item hubby doesn’t eat per his doctor). Dessert was a molten chocolate cake but quite honestly I make a better one. All in all, it was nice to go out and thanks to the wonderful ladies that contributed with the gift certificate as a present because I would not have been happy if we paid fully for that entire meal.

A bright spot of the birthday was the cute clutch that I made for myself to compliment my outfit. I picked the fabric up at Joann’s in the remnant bin and it was 75% off so I paid about $.28 (yes that reads 28 cents). 🙂 I looked at a pattern from this book, but wound up winging it because I didn’t do a zipper, basically doubled the pattern so I could have the outside be 1 piece and some others mods.


and here is the inside

inside of clutch

My parents came and watched the kids while hubby and I headed out and my parents were quite impressed with my morning creation. Hubby was as well but then again, he is always impressed with everything that I make…gotta love that!!

The kids

My kids have been hilarious lately in more ways than one and my daughter in particular as she is quite um….animated for lack of a better word. She could have a camera on her 24 hours a day and not tire from performing. In the midst of all of that she took time the other day to remind me, quite loudly, while in Target that I had promised her the opportunity to wash dishes. Maybe it is my childhood memory of dishwashing but I just didn’t feel like subjecting a 5 year old to such a chore. I mean there are lots of other things that I don’t like to do like dusting that she can do, so why take a chore that I do pretty mindlessly because I am usually staring out the window. Yes, we have a dishwasher but I just feel like sometimes (like after their breakfast) there are just not enough dishes to waste my time or energy. Anyhoo, she insisted once we arrived home, so I let her wash a few dishes and since then she has washed the dishes at least 1x per day.

child labor

She also ran into my room the other day and told me that she drew a purse..I had to get the camera…and before you ask, she has 4 tiaras and there are many days that she puts them on as a part of her outfit. 🙂

her first purse

While the camera was out, my son asked to take a picture (after being booted out of the above picture) but he wanted it with his sister…sibling love, how cute!


Crafty pursuits:

I made a blanket for a friend from church, she had a baby girl. The little card didn’t show up well, but oh well, life goes on and you can still see the blanket. 😀

baby blanket for friend

Also, I worked on a few embroidery stitches. The lines aren’t straight as this is just some practice for much bigger and better things to come.


The week may be a busy one as we are due to start homeschool on Wednesday and I am watching a friend’s son on Tuesday, plus I have to get my work in for the Blogolympics, but don’t worry, I love future posting and coffee. 😀