Just do it!!! – Day 3

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Today is Day 3 and it’s about getting out of the house and sometimes my hubby thinks that is all we do… 😉

We are blessed to live outside of the nation’s capital so historic places abound as do all of the free Smithsonian museums. Even in all of this richnes, we have a tendency to sometime not venture out which I am working on changing because I feel it is a shame to waste such great learning opportunities. Hence the borrowed Nike slogan as the title of this post. 😉

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to getting out is justifying it in the realm of defined education. The truth is learning doesn’t have to take place within the confines of the education system – that is why we homeschool….yippee!!! Everyday activities are learning opportunities and that is the binocular to be used as the kickstart to getting out of the house more often. Does it mean that sometimes work will have to be finished after school hours – yes it does but the learning and the memories from the fieldtrip last a lifetime.

The library is another place that should not be overlooked because you can truly travel the world. 🙂 Get to know the local business people in your area as they are often willing to share about their trade and who knows your child might like it and get an internship/job there and what’s better than some hands-on learning. Local farmers and co-ops are also open to visits and get to knows and many are willing to do it for small groups.

In my state, some churches serve as umbrella groups and many allow you to go on their field trips even if you are not a member of their co-op. Also, if you do not have co-ops or you aren’t a member, step out of your comfort zone and ask that mom that is in the library with her kids during the day just like you, she probably homeschools. 🙂

…born evey minute

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Cool Prize Alert

For all you creative thinking types, get your hineys over to Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, a blog that I read daily. As always, the lovely Ree is doing one of her Give the Photo a name contest and the prize is a $300 shopping spree for jewelry – what girl doesn’t love that and guess what it is handmade. The site always garners a lot of entrants, so don’t be alarmed and I have never won but I am willing to share some blog love in case one of you win. Basically then I won vicariously. 🙂

Weekend thrifting

I promised some pics of the goodies from the weekend and here they are…my photography is a little shady this week, but use your creative eye to view the goodies. 🙂

First up is a picture of the fabric that will be the future drapes for our dining room and living room. It is 6 yards worth and she was asking $5 but I paid $4.

future curtains

A loves ice cream and she loves to help in the kitchen so finding this little apron on a table marked FREE was just divine.

A's apron

I did rummage through some bags and boxes to find some fabric. The brown, gray and green are wool/wool blends and the white is ideal for lining. The other 2 are flowery and who knows what their next life has in store for them.


This suede Benetton coat was $2. I am not sure if it will stay a coat being that she isn’t lined, she may become a skirt and a purse….who knows!

suede coat

I scored this trim, cording, ric rac and the like for less than $5. The white eyelet pieces don’t show up well but they are quite lovely.


I also picked up some needlepoint items and a small embroidery hoop. I am pleased so now for some washing, ironing, measuring and thinking… 🙂