Motherhood Monday Fiction Meme #3

Motherhood Monday

Today is Motherhood Monday Ficiton Meme #3. This is from Anonymom – Welcome to another weekly creative writing exercise for writer mamas! Use the following prompt to jump-start at least 10 minutes of writing, and don’t let your editing hand catch up with your writing hand! What you write does not have to be a completed story, just let your imagination take you to unexpected places. If you write more than 10 minutes, great! Keep going!

Post your entry on your own blog on Monday with the “Motherhood Monday” and “Fiction” tags, plus post a link here, too. Please visit our participating writers. Have fun and tell a writing friend to join us!

In honor of my vacation, our prompt is simply this:

A child collecting seashells

Now for my entry,

Every year on their trip to the beach, the childred would get excited about collecting shells. Yes, shells, not seashells because even though the shells come out of the sea, the children never made the connection. After settling in at the hotel, Hunter and Heather picked up their shell buckets and begged their mom to let them go shell hunting by themselves. Hunter was almost 11 but big for his size and Heather was 9 and as petite as she could be, a true study in opposites. Mom thought and thought and through the background noise of p-l-e-e-s-e from H&H, she reltented but admonished them to stay right in front of the hotel so she could see them from the balcony. H&H were good swimmers but their mom knew that even the best swimmers didn’t need to venture out without someone watching them.

H&H bolted out of the hotel room before their mom could change her mind. On their way to the hotel, they had dropped their dad at the golf course and he wouldn’t be back for a few hours and they planned to enjoy their independence. Mom felt just a tinge of uneasienss but knew that she would see everything from her perch on the balcony. She retrieved her book and proceeded to get comfy on the balcony. The kids yelled and waved at their mom when they reached the sand and she waved back and smiled, more to herself, as she saw her soon to be tweens head off for shell hunting.

Mom was reading her book one moment and the next she had dosed off. The combination of a long trip, soothing ocean air and the sound of waves hitting the sand was the perfect recipe for a nap. She awoke to her hubby gently shaking her awake and inquiring about the kids. Of course, she pointed to the last spot she remembered seeing them and through the slit of consciousness that was as big as her eyes, she realized that they weren’t there.

All of sudden, her eyes were as wide as saucers as she jumped out of her seat and started talking to her husband as her eyes scoured the beach for her kids. She was stil talking as she put on her shoes and grabbed her hotel key and her hubby had no choice but to follow as he hadn’t been able to get a word in as she kept apologizing for letting them go by themselves. They made their way down the steps two at a time to get to the lobby and out to the beach. Frantic, mom started yelling for Hunter and Heather and walking and talking to herself.

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4 thoughts on “Motherhood Monday Fiction Meme #3”

  1. Thanks for joining us again this week! Looks like it’s just you and me! This story gave me a lump in my throat, I could feel the mother’s fear with the way you wrote the sentences, frantic and rambling. In my mind I have to imagine she found them a few seconds later, unharmed and arms full of shells.

    No problem, I am liking this. 🙂 In my mind she did the same but I had already passed my 10 minutes and the interruptions were becoming too frequent, KWIM? 😀

  2. Well I had them drowned in the depths of the sea! Im morbid like that! 😦

    I am usually the same way and and it probably didn’t help that I had watched shark week because my mind probably would have headed into the mouth of a great white. 🙂

  3. I found your blog by tag surfing. i enjoy reading snippets about your life and your craftiness is inspirational for a fellow thrifter and crafter.

    Thanks for stopping by and I am glad that you were inspired. I visited your blog as well, we have some things in common. 🙂

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