Wednesday Wonders, 1st Refashion & Vera Bradley

Yesterday, I had a hankering to go to the thrift store. I was looking for some items to possibly refashion but mainly I was just looking. I picked up some more pyrex bowls but no pics because I really do not know where I am going to put them, so they are still in the bag. 😀

One thing that I found was a Vera Bradley bag and need all Vera Bradley experts to tell me if there are any signs to show that it is authentic being that I am not a Vera Bradley aficionado but the bag was only $2.95 so I had to have it. It also has a cute key fob.

Vera Bradley bag

Okay now that we got the important stuff out of the way, I also did my 1st refashion/repurpose. We had a futon that moved with me when we were married and we just freecycled it. It had 4 pillows that had seen better days and like a bonehead I forgot to take a picture of them before I attacked them with my seam ripper. Seam ripper = 🙂 No pics = 😦 Nonetheless, I used the stuffing to make two pillows for A & Z out of some fabric that they had both picked up some time ago in the remnant bin of Joann’s.


Don’t worry, I will do more than pillows but you know how it is when you have that craft itch that makes your hands tingle as you think of projects and the tingling gets so bad that the only way to scratch it is to quickly do something with your hands. What can be quicker than pillow….itch scratched. 🙂

Now, back to my other thrift goodies:

I found this embroidery hoop, I purchased it for the hoop ($.82) but may do something with the work.

embroidery loop

This lovely pillow case is chocolate brown with yummy ruffles and embroidery, can you say clutch purse.

pillow case

I couldn’t resist these little ditties…eyeglass holder, small purse, change purse, and tissue holder all for $1.20.

just too cute

This tablecloth was really born to be an apron so I will set her free and let her live out her remaining days as such and she will aide me in my cooking pursuits and be my friend and I shall call her squishy.


This little number is kinda like a tea towel but a real Southern girl can’t resist anything with a boot on it and the words boot kickin’…it just had to be mine for $.50.

jumpin' joe's