I Am A Fashion Refashionista!!!!

WR 4Β month

It is official!!! I have signed up for 4 month pledge of Wardrobe Refashion and it starts today! Why 4 months – as I stated here, 2 months is short enough for me to slack off and not accomplish anything and 6 months might make me fall of the wagon being that Christmas is in there and I get weak in the knees about after Christmas sales. πŸ˜‰

Mind you, my entire family thinks I am certifiably crazy but I see signs that hubby doesn’t think I am too crazy because as an early birthday present (hint, hint, everyone), I put my old machine in the shop as she stopped doing her reverse stitch. There was a part of me that wanted a new machine like some of the big girls whose blogs I read, but being that hubby thinks I have craft ADD, I thought I would have to show and prove first and maybe become a big girl at Christmas. πŸ™‚

My mom thinks it is neat and she is glad that I am not subjecting the kids to the pledge because she would have to be committed to Nanajail if she couldn’t buy them anything. My dad who really inspired my sewing, thinks it is cool but if you know my dad, just about everything I do is cool. πŸ˜€

So, as a part of my pledge, I need to share with you all the pledge, but first the rules.

No buying new! (handmade is excepted; So this allows for Etsy purchases etc!!) All clothing must be Recycled, Renovated, Preloved or Thrifted, or Handmade only for the term. Employment related and special needs clothing (ie sports, school), shoes and undies are excepted from the rules, although you are encouraged to have a go at making these.
In extreme circumstances, maybe a special event, or the worlds greatest and most amazing never to be repeated sale that you simply can not pass up, you may use the Get out of Refashionista Jail Free card. You are able to use this card once during the 2 month part of your contract; ie 1 for 2 months, 2 for 4 months etc. Of course you need to fess up on the blog and display the button!
You must post on the blog at least once a week to let the community know what you’ve been up to. This will not only give you brag points, but inspire and encorouge others! Of course you need to display the button on your blog and have copied the pledge in at least one post, and provide a link to your pledge under the button.
You need to be honest and admit when you’ve fallen off the Refashionista Wagon! Go directly to Refashionista Jail, do not pass GO and do not collect $200! Apply for parole once there.

This is serious stuff, no fake refashionista here…now for the pledge.

I Southerngirlmusings pledge that I shall abstain from the purchase of “new” manufactured items of clothing, for the period of 4 months. I pledge that I shall refashion, renovate, recycle preloved items for myself with my own hands in fabric, yarn or other medium for the term of my contract. I pledge that I will share the love and post a photo of my refashioned, renovoated, recylcled, crafted or created item of clothing on the Wardrobe Refashion blog, so that others may share the joy that thy thriftyness brings! Signed Southerngirlmusings.

Okay, I am ready for my new creative challenge. I did do some major organizing of the craft/homeschool room and things are looking good. I am excited and hope to have some pretty number to wear to my birthday (another hint) dinner at Kinkead’s. My hubby is taking me there for my b-day dinner and he told the ladies that I led in a small group that it was my favorite so they gave us a gift certificate and I thought that was so sweet because that meant he was actually listening to me ramble, kind of like you are right now. πŸ™‚ I absolutely love this place, so much so that I took myself to dinner there once back when I was a single gal working on Capitol Hill…oh the memories.

I am off to dream about good food and sewing and thanks to all for enduring my shameless plugs about my birthday which is on the 10th!!! πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “I Am A Fashion Refashionista!!!!”

  1. You are so brave! My birthday is this month. What do I always want? New clothes.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you create.

    Oooh, another birthday…yippee!!! I am pretty excited and thanks for the encouragement.

  2. You go girl! I think you will love this whole term. You’re such a crafty and resourceful person, I wish I was even half of that. I have to get my mom’s help with alterations, but at least I can sew buttons hahaha!

    You gotta teach me … someday. Online or something. I just have to learn it. So I can be a stitching grandma in future. πŸ˜›

    Thanks for the encouragement and hopefully I can live up to your lovely words. πŸ™‚

  3. That is so terrific! You are gutsy. I am not ready to take the full pledge, but I am committing to making a great deal of refashionista items for the home and self , especially with the great fabric bargains. I am going to also try to start making simple clothing on a regular basis (skirts, pj pants, etc).
    I can’t wait to see your creations!

    I have enjoyed following your fabric bargain finds and look forward to some future items from you and Girlie. πŸ™‚

  4. Aaa… you did it! 4 months doesn’t seem too terribly long to detour around the consumer centric lifestyles we lead. I’m still too chicken to do it myself. My recent pajama making experiences have led me to believe I need more sewing expertise (for sure) to pull this off. I ran right out to the gap and bought up 3 sets on sale. πŸ™‚
    Oh, and I’m finally getting that fabric bundle off to you this week… so sorry it’s taken me so long. 😦
    The colors in your blog header are sooo cheerful. Love it.

    Yes, I did do it and you are right 4 months shouldn’t be too long….we’ll see. πŸ™‚ I am not sure what happenned with the pjs but all the stuff for Lil’ Red and the like, I think your skills are there maybe just not for pj pants. πŸ˜€
    I look forward to the fabric and thanks for sharing.

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