Lies, Snowballs, & Food

I am screaming right now at the TV and in my head. I always remember my mom telling me that when you tell a lie that you have to tell another lie to cover up the first one – the snowball effect. While watching Food Network’s Next Food Network Star, it is revealed that JAG has withdrawn because he has LIED about serving in Afghanistan and about graduating from culinary school. This makes me scream on so many levels….he really has been in the Marines but never had a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He did attend culinary school but didn’t graduate. When you sign-up for a show of this nature you do realize that your background will be looked at – closely. When you tear up on screen because of a military challenge and the flashbacks and you constantly reference your food background, you must know that somebody who knows you is going to see you and question some of those comments.

So, now Amy is back (who should have been a finalist in the first place) against Rory (looks over consistent set of skills). JAG was the underdog that I had been secretly pulling for and I was quite shocked that he was picked over Amy, who has given a more consistent performance, but he had fire in his belly so I kept routing for him and then the screen goes black and the words come on the screen. Highly disappointing, shocking, and sad.

Why wasn’t he honest? They indicated that they had given him the opportunity to clarify/correct but he didn’t and then to have to step down in such fashion. That is not honoring to him or his family or the Marine Corps. He has served our country in whatever capacity, he has served and he shoul dbe proud of that instead of embarrassed or pressured to feel that wherever his station was it wasn’t prestigious enough.

Has our culture truly devolved to this?? Everyone is trying to be anything but who they are and in the end you can only be you.


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